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Maryada Ramanna Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, July 23, 2010 • తెలుగు ]
Maryada Ramanna Review
Arka Media Works
Sunil, Saloni, Nagineedu, Brahmaji, Rao Ramesh, Supreeth, Venugopal Prabhakar, kanchi, Anooj Gurvar, Jayavani, Sandhya, Anithanath, Vinay, Baby Rishika and Master Sathvik
SS Rajamouli
Prasad Devineni & Shobhu Yarlagadda
MM Keeravani
Maryada Ramanna

When it is said that `Maryada Ramanna' is a great escape, it means that its the great escape from conventional cinema! Director SS Rajamouli has cooked a movie delicacy that would go down in cinema history as one of the most entertaining movies! The makers of `Vedam', Arka Media come forward to produce this comic thriller with comedian Sunil as the innocent yet intelligent hero!

The Plot

Rajamouli himself leaked the story line at a press meet. Seemingly inspired by an old English flick titled `Our Hospitality', the movie overshadows any criticism. So you know what the movie is all about. Sunil is `Ramudu' who has his roots from Rayalaseema. The movie starts in Kandhikota in 1982, where Sunil's father, in a family feud kills Ramineedu's (acted by Nagineedu) brother and in the fight, even he's killed. Fearing more deaths, Sunil's mother takes him to Hyderbad where Sunil is brought up without the `Seema' faction. Ramineedu and his children take an oath to end Sunil's family in order to take revenge!

Sunil is a hard working guy whose ambition is to buy his own vehicle to transport goods. He still transports goods on his cycle that has been with him for twenty years. The cycle is shown as a close friend and an integral part of the script. The hard working Sunil, on a fine day receives a mail saying that he can claim an ancestral property in Kandhikota. Here starts the adventure! In the travel, Sunil encounters Saloni. Sunil enters Kandhikota to sell the property and from the proceeds, fulfill his dream to buy his transport vehicle.

This is something that Rajamouli has cleverly leaked out in the press meet. This is not new but what is new is that the treatment given to the screenplay. Sunil somehow meets Ramineedu and asks him to sell his land. As Ramineedu and his children - Malla Suri (Kaatu Raju) and Bailreddy know that Sunil is from the same family that killed their uncle, they decide to kill him. But Ramineedu is a man of principles. Though he's a cold blooded murderer, according to his family customs, blood should not shed in their household or in simple words, inside the house. Hence they wait patiently for Sunil to come out of the house, only upon which they can kill him!

Here, the innocent Sunil realizes that the old man and his sons are ready to prey him down! Sunil, the hero now has to think of surviving and save his soul. With cheeky and clever acts, serendipitous moments come by! Does Sunil go out? Does he escape? What does Saloni do? The answers await at the big screen!

The True Hero

SS Rajamouli is a director who belongs to a different breed of directors. He is class apart. Coming together with cousin and writer Kanchi for this movie, Rajamouli's hero in `Maryada Ramanna' on paper is Sunil, who's done an exceptional job! But the true hero is the screenplay!

Rajamouli's screenplay is immaculate! Further, sharper screenplay thanks to Editor Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao. The movie is just about two hours, to be precise two hours and nine minutes! At no point will the audiences feel bored! `Maryada Ramanna' is high on the entertainment quotient and every member of the family will enjoy it.

Rajamouli's movies so far have always had an interesting screenplay but the director has tried something new right from the choice of the genre, therefore his screenplay shows his genius! Rajamouli seems to have understood the audience's mind and that's need of variety. The dialogues in the movie are crisp and funny! They don't deviate from the story and Rajamouli has manufactured a film that will not fail to entertain you.

The Highlights

Besides the screenplay, the movie boasts of many highlights. Sunil's introduction is itself an amazing idea. Sunil, just like how the superstars are introduced or to compare his introduction in a sharper way, is introduced like `Pokiri' Mahesh Babu, who originally jumps with vegetables raining down. But in this, Sunil, glued to his cycle, jumps on a flower cart and the flowers rain on him! Perfectly captured by director of photography, C.Ramprasad! Ramprasad's photography is one of the main assets of the movie, it is resplendent. A few thrilling scenes have been captured excellently and any number of lines for the man would only prove less! Talking about the cycle, crazy star Ravi Teja gives his voice for the cycle! His dialogue delivery is nonchalant and every time his voice pops up, you're going to keep laughing!

Next in line is Sunil himself. Sunil oozes with confidence. All of us know the fetish Sunil has for dance. Look at him dance in this movie with choreography by Prem Rakshith, Swarna, Lalitha & Johnny. In all the songs Sunil dances, he dances with passion and that is clearly visible! Check his dance performance in the first song `Udyogam Oodipoyindi' with due credit to the choreographer. Sunil's performance is commendable and it is something that he has not tried before. Intense scenes that demand the character to worry and fear, Sunil fits the bill to a T.

Heroine Saloni is amazing. Her confidence levels are high and her onscreen presence is charismatic. She is bubbly and her character seems to be tailor made for her. Rajamouli's heroines usually don't receive importance in the script but Saloni's character in this movie is essential, without whom the climax doesn't surpass.

MM Keeravani's music is the backbone of the movie. The veteran's rerecording is outstanding. The songs are already a hit, especially the first song `Udyogam Oodipoyindi' and the `Saloni' song are amazingly pictured thanks to art director Ravinder, choreographers, camera man and the director himself! Art director Ravinder's work is tangible and suits the movie's flavour.

This list of highlights would be incomplete if the action director Peter Heines and the visual effects team aren't mentioned! Peter Heines, the master of rope work in Indian cinema has proved that he's the best in the trade. Sunil's stunts on his cycle, be it in his introduction or in a few thrilling scenes, jumps and few other thrill chills, Peter has made a classy work.

The visual effects are splendid. You can't really identify what is computer graphics and what is not! A splendid scene of hill side with a temple in the foot of the hill was immaculate, only a keen eye can identify it! But the best visual effect in the movie is during the `Udyogam Oodipoyindi' song, when the song moves presto and Sunil dances a perfect stance, the vehicles in the background just clash and fly up in the air! Amazing shot, kudos team!

Rajamouli's Trademark

Rajamouli has a brand and that is high budget movies. Through `Maryada Ramanna' he's proved that he's an economical director as well! Rajamouli has worked on a flawless screenplay! The movie is filled with romantic flirty scenes, action scenes and thrilling scenes that will make you sit on the edge of the seat! This is a must watch movie! For a couple of reasons including the great escape that we were talking in the beginning of the review. This is entertainment to the core! A light hearted movie that has targeted the bull's eye at the box office! Good work Rajamouli, your hit streak continues! Your seal is embossed or should we say engraved!

Released on: 23rd July, 2010

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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