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Maro Charithra Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, March 25, 2010 • తెలుగు ]
Maro Charithra Review
Matinee Media Entertainment
Varun Sandesh, Anita, Shradda Das and others
Ravi Yadav
Dil Raju
Mickey J Meyer

In his debut directorial Maro Charitra, cinematographer-turned-director Ravi Yadav tries to reap the most out of the immortal fame of K Balachandar's cult love story of the same name.  He blends his vision of a tragic love story with colour, comedy (that is, unintentional) and tragedy (that is, despite the 'happy ending').  He believes that just the name and the memory of the 1978 original are enough to bank upon, conveniently forgetting that the same could turn out to be its biggest liabilities.  However, if you are someone who has always been hugely consumed by that intoxicating original, Ravi Yadav's interpretation may impress you a bit.  After all, don't we know that even poorly-composed and badly-sung bhajans of our favourite deity inspire devotion?

The re-imagined version of Maro Charitra doesn't fail to evoke the memories of the Balachandar-Kamal Hassan-Sarika experience, even as it posits with difficulty in modern times.  Its lead actors - Varun Sandesh as Balu and Anitha as Swapna - helplessly try to put in good performances, which you will love to hate.  As the director thanklessly lifts the story from a masterpiece, he believes he knows his responsibility well and asks his dialogue writer (Umarji Anuradha) to help the audience enjoy its nuances.  As to how much he succeeds in recreating the magic, entertainment and drama is any body's guess - he is not just there.  We knew that the classic could not be retold or redrawn, with the same marvellous impact.  But we never wrote in our diary that it could be put to test, rather unimaginatively like this.

Swapna lives in Buffalo, with her father and mother.  Balu's entry into her life comes too early, as we would have liked.  For his part, Balu feels the blessed presence of Swapna in his life, even at the first sight.  Swapna, waiting to revel in the loving embrace of her soul mate, astounds her hero with the mellifluous rendition of a devotional song.

The MC lovers do not know each other's language.  Balu's father feels that they come from different backgrounds and temperaments and cancels off their love.  The antipathy of Swapna's mother ensures that the depressed daughter is left in the lurch.  The challenge is thrown at the lovers, who the parents believe only share a crazy passion and obsession for each other, to live separately for a year.

How much of lust does their suspected love has?  To prove their point that it is actually pure love that they share of each other, they agree to part ways for a year.   Much reluctantly, Balu agrees for the proposal after Swapna persuades him to accept it for the sake of their love.  Balu whizzes off to New York, to be away from his muse for a year.  The forcibly-parted lovers meditate on the great memories and learn to accept the problems.

How long will it take for the cruelty of circumstances and a treacherous man in the life of Swapna, to threaten the imminent possibility of their happy re-union? Will the parents give in to their demands?

The answers to these questions are too well-known, but watch the new avatar for the sake of revisiting a masterly idea, drawn with an ugly stoke.

The film is well-supported by able technicians like Mickey J Meyer and simple, crisp dialogues by Umarji Anuradha.  The lead actors put their best effort, but to no avail.  Varun believes that he can do repeat his Happy Days performance for eternity. He seems outrageously routine and regular.  Anitha slips into her role in the second half, and the dubbing is all right.  There is a feel of innocence about her character, which she brings out well.

The parents come up with very good performances.  Shraddha Das and Kota fit their roles well.  Naresh and the rest of the gang in New York are silly.

Ravi Yadav seems to believe that 'adaption' means just setting a film in a different landscape, with new faces and technicians.

The climax teases your senses.  If Maro Charitra were a religion, its fanatical lovers would have already taken to streets or declared a prize on the prints, for the blasphemy the new makes have committed!

Released on: 25th March, 2010

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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