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Marakkuma Nenjam Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Sunday, February 4, 2024 • தமிழ் ]
Marakkuma Nenjam Review
Filia Entertainment Pvt Ltd, Kuviyam Mediaworks
Rakshan, Dheena, Malina, Prankster Rahul, Swetha Venugopal, Ashika Kader, Melvin Dennis, Muthazhagan, Natalie Lourds, Vishvath, Munishkanth, Akila, Arun Kurian
Raghu Yelluru , Ramesh Panchagnula, Janardhan Chowdary, Raako.Yoagandran
Sachin Warrier

'Marakuma Nenjam' : A Mixed Bag of Joyful Moments and Puzzling Plots

Marakkuma Nenjam, helmed by debut director Raako.Yoagandran , is about a reunion that happens ten years past the college, collecting classmates Karthik (Raksan), Priyadarshini (Malina), Salim (Dheena), and others. Rakshan, renowned anchor from Vijay TV, takes on the lead in his debut as a hero. 

Ten years after they leave their hilltop school, an idealistic bunch of graduates of their high school are hit by a nightmarish court verdict that throws their lives into a spin of chaos. Their school rival managed a legal attack on the credibility of diplomas from their school, and so they have to redo the finals. Balancing careers and life with an unexpected return to school, the alumni resolve anxieties and rediscover connections, while one classmate is very excited about this opportunity. Karthik (Rakshan) has been waiting to open up his unfulfilled-in-ten-years love interest towards Priyadarshini (Malina) in this gathering.

Though the premise of rekindling remnants and reliving school days has inherent charm, Marakkuma Nenjam's execution stumbles upon some hurdles. The plot device of a forced board exam retake for the entire batch turns out to be contrived and has no justification, stretching the audience's belief. Also, the reunion itself, after years of apparent disconnect, feels unearned and doesn't feel like a compelling reason to come together.

However, the film gets its act when it walks out of the schoolyard. Dheena inaugurates Karthik's friend Dheena shines through earning accolades from the audience. Muneeskanth's comic moments are those of comedy, and the frivolities inject the needed relief by large. Though it doesn't always ring true—the performances snapping back to their younger selves portrayed by adult actors in parts—isn't the film's strength that holds itself in its present.

For all its narrative flaws, Marakkuma Nenjam has strengths too. Sachin Warrier's musical numbers set the mood on an elegant note, where "Vanilai Sugam" touched a sweet chord in its lyrics. Cinematographer Gopi Duraisamy captures the beauty of Kanyakumari frames, which lend the story an enchanting and endearing look. Also, the film subtly highlights the ill effects caused by body shaming, and that surely is appreciable. Raako.Yoagandran has done justice as a big screen debut director.

Marakkuma Nenjam offers a nice mixed bag. Though a nostalgic setting and some good performances in a few of the roles make it passable, its unconvincing plot and forced execution take much from its overall potential. If you need an easy-going film with just a hint of social commentary coupled with some laughter, this movie may give you some pleasure. However, those expecting a more grounded and engaging narrative might find themselves wanting.

Verdict: A feel-good film with love , laughter and heartwarming moments, but struggles with logical flaws

Rating: 2.75 / 5.0

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