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Mantra Music Review

Mantra Music Review
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Charmee, Sivaji, Jeeva, Chitram Srinu, Kausa
Osho Thulasi Ram
Funky fare
IndiaGlitz [Saturday, December 8, 2007 • తెలుగు] Comments

The film is a suspense thriller and has generated a lot of curiosity among the audience. So the music too has created quite a stir along with the sexy and youthful videos on air presently. The album has been composed by Anand who has come up with rather trendy numbers that are likely to go well with the yuppie crowd. In perfect sync with the changing tastes, all the songs are a fusion of funky tunes and peppy beats. The music has been released by MM Keeravani's Vel Records.

My heart my heart
Singers: Madhumita, Noelsean
Liricist : Bhuvanachandra

This is a foot-tapping number that is bound to be a great club number. It goes without saying that it's already topped the charts. A total Western number, it is a direct rip-off of a very famous pop number. But that does not stop you from enjoying it as it's got the right beats and seems perfectly situational. Madhumita and Noelsean have got the right voice to carry the song, which enhances the mood that it intends to evoke.

Singers: Suchitra, Nani
Liricist : Anand

This feels and sounds like a Tamil number, reminiscent of the songs from Khaka Khaka. It's a solo number where Suchitra gets to show off her talent. She sings with a heavy accent that emphasise the raw sex appeal and yearning of the female protagonist. A romantic number, it teases you and leads you into the passionate world created by the lyricist.

Theme Mantra

Purely instrumental. It has a spooky feel to it and since it's the theme music, it goes perfectly to reflect the film's concept. Since it is a suspense thriller, it has the right kind of feel with high pitched violins and the works. The chorus is also used appropriately to heighten the suspense element.

Rena Rena
Singers: Anand, Noell
Lyricist: Anand, Noell

It is a duet of sorts by two male singers - Anand and Noell - and both of them give the song a Punjabi, folksy feel. The music director himself gives the playback for this song, which has become a common feature of most albums. An obvious item number, it is a song where the girl is teased by the boy gang. Like the mood, the song is also peppered with some Hindi words as is the norm these days.

Dole Dil Dole
Singers: Geethamadhuri
Lyricist: Noell

This is another song that is a fusion number with Hindi and Telugu lyrics. Geeta Madhuri has the right tone to infuse life into the song and sings the Hindi lyrics with equal aplomb. It is a perfect example of the composer's effort to reach out to a more global and urbane audience.

Remix Maha
Singers: Harshika

Like the Hindi albums, this song is a remix version of the first song in the CD, Maha maha. Harshika renders this number. Heavily interspersed by rap and starting off with Hindustani tabla beats, it is an equally energetic variation of the original number and leaves you wanting more!

In short, it's an album you would want to stack up if you want to listen to the nascent, but fast evolving, new-age Telugu film music.

Music Director: Anand

Released by : Vel Records

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