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Manasu Palike Mounaragam Music Review

Manasu Palike Mounaragam Music Review
Sneha, Vikramaditya, Sarath Babu, Chandana, Aiswarya, LB Sriram, Suman Setty, Ramesh Khanna, Pandu
Deva Kumar Reddy
KM Radha Krishnan
Melodious and enjoyable
IndiaGlitz [Monday, September 18, 2006 • తెలుగు] Comments

Dega Arts, which produced hit films like 'Ammayi Bagundi' is producing 'Mananasu Palike Mounaragam'. The film is said to have a lady-oriented storyline with music backdrop. Sneha plays a very docile role in this film, which is a real meaningful character. Director Nagabushnam claims that the story is based on 'real love' and 'human relations'. Vikramaditya, a Mumbai boy, who played hero in a few Tamil films, is being introduced to Telugu films through this film. Radhakrishna gave melodious tunes to all the songs. All the songs are worth listening with rich literature in all the lyrics. The film is likely to release in the second half of September.

Steppu Veyara.  Singers:  KM. Radhakrishnan, Gayatri

Rendered by music director KM Radhakrishnan himself along with Gayatri, it has a combination of melody, besides good western music support with the help of guitar. Gayatri joined him in humming some English words and at the end she also rendered the pallavi for once. The literature in the song is also nice enough. With a sweet humming of philosophy in the beginning 'Nedu needi raa. Repu raaduraa.' the lyric continues by use of sentences like 'Ningine takaga egiripo guvvalaga. Puvvulo tenele marigi po teti laa.' which are quite encouraging to youth. Use of sentences like 'Thota lo paita to paatane paadukora. Paita le lenicho baita ne aadukora' proves the chivalry also.

Raama Sita. Singer:  Chitra

It is a song on love. Chitra, who is known for mellifluous voice rendered the song in a sweet way. Even the tune enhanced the song's melody. The song begins as if you are entering into a puja room and the girl is offering prayers to gods and at the same time reveal her opinion on love. The lyricist tried to highlight that the Rama-Sita couple, Radha-Krishna union are the real synonym to the love. The lyricist also tried to link love with seasons. With the rise in pitch of the voice and sudden fall gives us a thought that there will be a dream sequence in which the heroine plays in a duet with hero. The Hindustani voice bit in the backdrop after the first stanza is quite good. In the second stanza, love was linked to nature. A song with soul-filling music and must listen song in the album.

Aalapana. Singers: Hariharan and Shreya Ghoshal

Why Hariharan is called a top class artiste could be understood once we hear this song. His voice is so sweet and though a non-Telugu he rendered the song with a clear and heart-touching manner. Shreya Ghoshal's combination with him is the right choice for the number. Who said that literature found missing in songs and music is dominating these days. The number is rich in literature and the music support is very nice and the tune is melodious. The duet is nice to listen and Radhakrishnan is most likely to get an award for this film for giving a good music.

Kotha Pelli Koothuru. Singer: Shreya Ghoshal and chorus

This is a little fast number when compared with others. It has a folk touch. It seems the song is being choreographed after the marriage of the heroine or someone, with a sad backdrop. 'Puse Prati puvvu... saage pratee yeroo.' kind of philosophical words are nice. The folk beat in the midst of stanzas gives audiences to tap their feet, though it is a sad song. It seems the girl's friends are trying to cheer up the girl who is in deep sorrow and wish her life would become cheerful again.

Ningi Nelalaki. Singer: Chitra

This is yet another melodious number by Chitra. It is also a philosophical number. Possibly the song should have been choreographed in the combination of a classical dance. Radhakrishnan gave a complete classical touch by using guitar, keyboard and traditio