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Maharathi(Telugu) Music Review

Maharathi(Telugu) Music Review
Sri Lalitha Kalanjali Productions
Balakrishna, Sneha, Meera Jasmine, Navaneet kour
Vakada Apparao
Gurukiran catches mass pulse
IndiaGlitz [Friday, November 10, 2006 • తెలుగు] Comments

Directed by P Vasu of 'Chandramukhi'-fame and produced by Vakada Appa Rao on the banner of Sri Lalitha Kalanjali Productions, 'Maharathi' has Balakrishna, Sneha, Meera Jasmine and Navaneet Kaur in the lead. The hero of the film acts as a leader and fights for a solution to the problems faced by the masses. In that fight, one could find the gentleness, comedy, steadfastness and glamour. As the hero works to solve the problems, the film has got a title as 'Maharathi'. It is a different character and done never before by Balakrishna. Shekhar V Joseph's cinematography would be a highlight. Gurukiran gave the music for the film.

Unna maata chepputaanu.  Singer: Rajesh Krishna

This is a mass number. The lyric has a good appeal for masses with rhythmic drum beat and with a nice harmonium rhythm. The humming in between the stanzas made the song more appealing. Use of veena between the second and third stanza is good. Moreover the lyricist used appropriate words to highlight that the hero is for masses and is ready to strive for them. The song looked situational and the lyricist made best use of the occasion to differentiate between the rich and poor.

Kamala Kucha Choochuka..  Singers: Gurukiran, Sumathi

This song was tuned in a novel way by Gurukiran. Use of jazz drums right from the beginning made the song attractive youth. The song rendered by Gurukiran himself with Sumathi has a good husky voice which is novel. The music director made use of a verse of 'Venkateswara Suprabhatam' for a hum in between stanzas. In order to give a western beat to the song the lyricist also used good English words that gave a good kick to the tune. Use of boss guitar in the end also elevated the mood.

Mangamma. Mangamma.  Singers: Gurukiran, Chetana Acharya

The song has a commercial beat with a touch of melody. The humming in between the stanzas also elevated the mood. The music director used a typical music in the song which was heard never before in earlier films. The use of classical instruments like Veena and tabla in a western beat along with jazz drums is quite interesting. Again in this song the lyricist used English bits to suit the western beat.

Uppu cheppa. Pappu chaaru.  Singers: Shankar Mahadevan, Bombay Jayashree

This number was tuned in a folk beat. The lyric in itself starts with heavy whistles and typical Orissa tabla sound. Though it looks like a birthday song of a mother, it was tuned in a folk rhythm. Use of shehnoy between verses elevated the rhythm. This tune also has good commercial value. Shankar Mahadevan rendered this song with good ease.

Maja Maja  Singers: Udit Narayan, Mahathi

This is a routine commercial tune. It seems the music director decided to give preference to let the lyric not dominated by the music in the beginning. After the first stanza there was a musical treat in which the musician used flute and ek taara. The duet between the hero and heroine has good commercial values and has lots of scope for dance and steps. The music director used a typical sound along with drums in this number.

Veeche Galulalo.  Singer: Yesudas

This is the finest tune among all. Rendered by the great singer Yesudas, the song has a lot of melody with a rich literature. Use of flute in the backdrop elevated the song to greater heights. Even humming between the stanzas is mellifluous. Use of violin and mridangam suited best to the singer's voice. In the second stanza... use of veena and kanzira and keyboard along with tabla is nice to listen.