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Mahanandi Preview

Mahanandi Peview
RS Movie Productions
Sumanth, Srihari, Anushka
Anasuya Devi
Maha Nandi


Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Telugu Comments

Mahanandi sounds imposing and inspiring.

And if the film indeed matches both, then Sumanth, the film's hero, will have nothing to worry.

Sumanth's career is indeed at a strange crossroads. He has been around for several years now. And he had hits too. But somehow he has not graduated to the higher league.

After every hit, he is set back by some agonizing failure. His last release Dhana 51 was a big blow for him.

At a personal level too, he is in a bit of a trouble. His marriage to actress Keerthi is not said to be smooth.

So Mahanadi, coming at a crucial time for him, is doubly important.

Sri Hari has now reinvented himself as a middle-age mentor of sorts. After NVNV, in which he performed as well as anybody, Sri Hari has moved on to similar roles. Here too he performs an uncle kind of character.

For Anushka,the beauty that we saw in Super, this is a big chance to prove her acting skills. Her other skills are quite well known.

For Samudra,the director, this is equally an important film. He is a director with good onus for story and screenplay. He says Mahanandi will be a wholesome entertainer.

This RS Movie Productions, presented by R Srinivas, produced by Anasuya Devi, has been shot at places like Chickmangalu, Karnataka.

Music is by Kamalakar.

The film is expected to be released by December.