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Maha Nadigan Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, December 6, 2004 • Tamil ]
Maha Nadigan Review
Sundari films
Sathyaraj, Mumtaz, Namitha, Manoj, Mallika, P Vasu, TP Gajendran, Alex, Chitra Lakshmanan, Manobala, Vinu Chakravarthy, Illavarasu, M Khaja Moiden, Gananvel and Chainraj Chain
Shakti Chidambaram

Sathyaraj's films ooze lollu (chutzpah) all through. Mahanadigan is no different wherein he plays a matinee idol, who goes on to become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. He takes humorous potshots at contemporary Tamil film industry and politicians, all in his own inimitable style.

The film is entertaining and engrossing but for the last few minutes where Sathyaraj lapses into a lengthy discourse.

The movie begins with Sathyaraj, a junior artiste managing to secure a chance to play a hero in a movie. And thanks to his shrewd moves, the film succeeds at the box office. Then, there is no looking back for him. He plots his every move and every movie with a surety of an engineer, and soon enough he comes the darling of the masses. Sathyaraj campaigns for a political party that wants to exploit his popular image to secure votes in the elections. The party eventually wins the elections and party leader P Vasu is elected as Chief Minister.

It's here that Sathyaraj decides to topple him and manages to win over the support of a majority of MLAs and eventually declares himself the Chief Minister. On becoming the Chief Minister, he puts Vasu behind the bars and decides to teach a lesson to corrupt Ministers. The end, where the hero brings in the youth and lets an IAS officer take over as the CM, is contrived. But over all, the pungent spoof on Tamil Nadu's political culture is effective and acceptable.

It is a role that is tailor-made for Sathyaraj. Come to think of it, he is the only hero in Tamil who could have played this role. The natural satire in his voice and his ability to take the mickey out of everyone including himself are natural assets for this film.

It takes lot of guts and conviction to take a sarcastic look at one's own profession. But Sathyaraj has done just that. The director (Sakthi Chidmabaram) makes bold to take potshots at heroes like Rajni and Vijaykanth who make political noises without having the courage to enter politics.

Mumtaz and Nameedha play actresses and ooze enough glamour. Ramesh Khanna, as Sathyaraj's assistant succeeds in evoking laughter while Manoj plays a little cameo as the fans' association president. Mallika plays an IAS officer, who goes on to become the Chief Minister.

Sakthi Chidambaram deserves kudos for a bold and honest film. But usually bold films are laced with anger, but Mahanadigan is full of poignant humor.

And that is its strength. It is contemporary. But it is not cynical.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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