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Magadheera Music Review

Magadheera Music Review
Geetha Arts
Ramcharan Tej, Kajal Agarwal and others
S.S. Rajamouli
Allu Aravind
MM Keeravani
Royal but regular.
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, July 22, 2009 • తెలుగు] Comments

The most talked about movie of this season happens to be `Magadheera' and it is gearing up to hit the screens during the end of this month. Meanwhile, the audio release happened grandly and the tunes were composed by the veteran M M Keeravani. Slated to be a magnum opus from Geetha Arts, let us see how the songs have been in this one.

Bangaru Kodipetta..

This is the highlight song of the album and it is the remix of a number that came many years ago in the blockbuster hit `Gharana Mogudu'. The voices have been given by Ranjith and Shivani. The music is very much like the original, Keeravani has provided the inclusion of the croak from a hen but otherwise, the tune has been melodious. Lyricist Bhuvana Chandra came up with average lyrics. Since Chiranjeevi will be seen shaking his leg for few seconds, the scene on the screen would be appealing.

Dheera Dheera Dheera.

This is slated to be the hottest number of the album, but then there is a lack of upbeat mood and though the drum beats are constant which gave a good start, the tempo does not go beyond that and Keeravani has not been able to show his mettle. Nikhita Nigam was melodious with her voice and has added life to the song. Bhuvana Chandra penned substantial lyrics and the words fitted to the rhythm of the song. A slow melody with a mild touch, this will pass off.

Panchadara Bomma..

An upbeat and racing song, the film has got a positive feel and this happens to be a duet with voices of Anooj Guruwara and Reeta, they shared a good rapport. Keeravani showed his power with a good mix of both folk and western instruments, violin was apt. Bhuvana Chandra gave a potion of romance and he adds poetry in his words. This is a decent number and will get attention.


This is ideally a dance number with masala attached to it but the vocals were dominated by the Bhangra king Daler Mehndi and he is joined by Geetha Madhuri. The music was not upto the mark in this one and Keeravani missed his touch in this one. The song was energetic due to the high pitch but then it doesn't have the foot thumping tone to it. Bhuvana Chandra penned his words in an orderly manner but there is not much to really get up and unwind on the floor.

Naakosam Nuvvu..

This is a melody number that goes with a nice mix of beats along with music, this duet has been sung by the duo of Deepu and Geetha Madhuri. The music and the lyrics have been done by M.M.Keeravani himself and he has joined the music with western beats along with English lyrics. This is a very trendy number and given the backdrop of the film, this will come across as a different song from the rest of the album.

Rolling Titles Music..

This can be viewed as the title song of the movie and there is a strong element of a rap number with racing beats. The voice has been given by Jassie Gift and even this time, M.M.Keeravani has penned the lyrics and composed the music for the number. But then, this is a song that arrives during the titles, so not much can be given in terms of visual appeal. The lyrics were just about okay and the music was consistent, but the good thing is that the energy levels were high and provided good momentum to the song.

Overall, the songs have not been upto the hype that was created and despite the presence of big names like Keeravani, Daler Mehndi, it has come across as a regular album. But then, the key factor here is the presentation of these songs and if they are grand and captivating the audio graphs might go up. This is a mix of melody, mass and romantic numbers so all genres of audience will find their songs here.