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Madhumasam Music Review

Madhumasam Music Review
Suresh Productions
Sumanth, Sneha, Parvathi Melton, seema, Naresh, Chalapathi rao, Giribabu, Aahuthi Prasad
Chandra Sidharth
A good bunch of melody and western beat
IndiaGlitz [Monday, February 5, 2007 • తెలుగు] Comments

After a long time, the Telugu cinema is going to witness another film based on a novel. It was the usual practice for Suresh Productions to make films based on a novel earlier. Now, no film unit is looking for novels and are after the storylines. Once the hero and the producer okay the storyline, the director or writer start expanding the story and prepare a script. But in case of novel, there is no such need as the entire script will be ready in the novel and the only thing is to divide it into scenes and make it convenient to shoot the film. But transforming novels into films had gained several hits for this banner. Now, Dr D Ramanaidu chose Balabhadrapatruni Ramani's novel to turn a film called 'Madhumasam' with Chandrasiddhartha as director and Sumanth, Sneha and Parvati Melton in the lead. As the film is based on a novel, music director Manisharma also treaded the old path and gave melodious tunes.

Devadasu Kanna   Singers : Karthik, Bhargavi

It appears a melody number in the beginning at the same time Bhargavi's voice gives a western knock to the song. Harmonium tune before the first stanza boosted the classic touch in the film. The drum beat, however, filled a new feel to the song. Use of guitar music after the first stanza is quite nice to listen. The song was rendered in a different way and reminds the audiences of old ANR hit songs. Manisharma once again proved that he could give a classic touch to the tunes with western beat.

Valentine.   Singers : Rahul Nambiyar, Rita

It looks as a party song with the humming of 'Let's party Valentine Day re.'. The lyric is rich in literary value. At the same time, the use of key board and saxophone is worth listening with good bits of humming that gives scope for dancing. The lyricist penned different kinds love and different kinds of expenditure that may occur during the period of love in the first stanza. Again the music director continued the same instruments before the second stanza and at the same time, the lyricist also continued the trend and explained love and other problems. One more melody and western mix from Manisharma.

Promise Chestuvunna.   Singers :Ranjith, Rita

The song starts with a good guitar music bit and a humming. It looks a duet between the hero and heroine. Manisharma had used very simple music for this number with a set of jazz drums and guitar. The lyric was tuned so well that the music component is very slow to enable the lyric audible. Manisharma's interest in saxophone could be noticed again in this film and the violin interludes also helped boosting the beat and tempo of the song. Moreover, the feel in the love could be easily recognized in the film.

Oohale.   Singers : Chitra, Karthik

This is a song with romantic feel. Manisharma began the tune with saxophone and continued with the trumpet and guitar and other traditional instruments. The literature in the lyric was sung in such a crystal clear voice by Chitra and her melodious voice take the audiences to a new word. Use of bass guitar and mandolin and saxophone boosted the romantic feel in the song. The audiences could get such romantic even while listening the audio itself. One more melodious tune from a maestro.

Oni Merupulu.   Singers : Muralidhar, Ranjith, Jayadevl

This song is completely tuned in a very old rhythm. While listening to this number, one would get a feel that he is listening to a song in 1960s or 70s. The song was rendered by three singers, which means it is a song that comes in a family scene or a group song between friends / relatives. Use of piano and other traditional instruments gave good feel to the song. Th