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Machi Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, June 29, 2004 • தமிழ் ]
Machi Review
Dushyanth, Subha Punja, Pasupathy, Sulokashna
K.S.Vasantha Kumar

Machi is a fast paced action entertainer. The director has aptly covered up the minus points of Dushyanth and brought out the best from him in action and song sequences. Dushyanth has improved a lot as an actor and is very comfortable in the role of a spoilt brat who turns over a new leaf.

The film's story's emphasis is on friendship. Dushyant a rich spoilt brat comes from Mumbai to study in a college in Kovai. As a fresher  in a medical college he meets four of his classmates who are not city slickers like him and come from middle class families. He treats them as outcasts. Badly injured and lying on the road the four boys whom he spurned comes to his rescue. Then onwards starts a bonding between him and the friends. He gets attached to the friends and also is very much influenced by the care and affection he gets from their parents. He starts seeing life in a new dimension .

At this juncture his friends have a rub with a guy who happens to be the son of local politician. This fight leads to the politician's son's face getting disfigured. The battle between the politician and boys start which ultimately threatens the future of the boys. To save his friends future , Dushyant kills the politician.
Dushyant excels in the song- fight sequence. Shuba Punja who comes as a college student in love with Dushyant has nothing much to do except come in skimpy clothes and dance around. Pasupathy does the stereotyped villain and borders on overacting.

Madhi's camera work is excellent and Raihanah music has mass appeal.

The four friends are also aptly cast.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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