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Machaakkaran Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, November 10, 2007 • Tamil ]
Machaakkaran Review
Madras Entertainment
Jeevan, Kamna Jethmalani, Malavika, Santhana Bharathi, M.S. Baskar, Aarthi, GM Kumar, Shobraj, Santhanam, Vaiyapuri, Muthukaalai, Mayilsamy
Yuvan Shankar Raja

Machaakkaran, meaning a lucky person, tells you the story of an unlucky person. His life takes a turn when he meets a girl who is considered a lucky person. Does the lucky girl bring in luck for the unlucky guy?

Jeevan-Kamna starrer Machaakkaran directed by Thamizhvaanan, banks more on execution than story or script. The story has potential to be made as an engaging script but the director has opted for a script that is found wanting in many areas.

Vikky (Jeevan), a middle class unemployed youth, is condemned by everyone, as everything he does becomes wrong. He is punished and damned for no fault of his.

Shivani (Kamna) on the other hand, is blessed with lot of gifts in her life. She is a daughter of a business tycoon and considered as a symbol of lucky by everyone.

Both meet in some typical situations and the girl sympathizes for the ill fate of the boy. Friendship develops between the two, even as Vikky gains confident through her friendship. Slowly friendship turns in to love.

Rajangam (G.M. Kumar), settled in the city with his textiles business, is a village chieftain, who spends lakhs to conduct the yearly carnival of the village. The man is full of pride. For him, Shivani is the most precious asset.

The family could not digest the news that their beloved Shivani is in love with a jobless middle class boy. The father and the son (Police Inspector) spoil the party in a cunning and smart way. But their success does not last long, as Vikky strongly revolts.

How does Vikky take on the might of the family form the rest of the story.

The combination of lucky girl and an unlucky boy provides an interesting premise based on which an engrossing script could have been created. But the director looses track and deviates. Likewise, the subtle and cunning ways with which the family sidelines the boy and the idea of retaliation from the boy too are promising. But again the director looses the chance to strengthen the proceedings by conceiving new ideas. He instead, restores to gimmicks and illogical twists.

The idea of visiting the relatives of Rajangam looks contrived and silly. Though some of the scenes do kindle the interest of the audiences, most of them are irritating. The initial scenes that show the unlucky aspect of the protagonist are interesting.

Jeevan's role provides some scope to perform. The unlucky man's emotions are challenging to depict. Unfortunately he fails to live up to the challenge. His expressions, body language, and dialogue delivery resemble his earlier films (Thiruttu Payale and Naan Avan Illai). He does well in stunt scenes but he has to work hard to handle emotional ones.

Kamna, appearing after a gap, looks fresh and cute. Though the girl gets ample screen space and scope to act, she too fails to impress as an actor but succeeds in providing glamour. Her performance in climax is worth mention. Malavika's dance for the opening song is quite energetic.

Sopraj as Police Officer makes an impact but the role becomes predictable once the hunt begins. Others including G.M. Kumar are just about okay. Santhanam and Vaiyapuri's comedy is a big failure. Santhanam must check his ill mannered comments against women in the disguise of comedy. M.S. Bhaskar and Mayilsamy combination too fails to impress.

The execution of some scenes - especially the carnival and the fish hunt - deserves complements. The director and his team (including art director Remian) have worked hard to make these scenes impressive.

Yuvan Shankar Raja's music offers variety. Almost all the songs linger in the memory with `Nellaiyila Man Etuththa' and `Jigirdhanda' stand out.

Overall, Machaakkaran impresses i

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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