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LGM Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, August 4, 2023 • Telugu ]
LGM Review
Dhoni Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Harish Kalyan, Nadiya, Ivana, Yogi Babu, RJ Vijay
Ramesh Thamilmani
Sakshi Singh Dhoni, Vikas Hasija
Ramesh Thamilmani

LGM Movie Review

LGM is one film that has been promoted a lot in the last few days. The film is the first production of Dhoni and has been released today in Telugu. Read our review here.


Gowtham(Harish Kalyan) and Meera(Ivana), an intertwined couple who share both a workplace and a romantic bond that has flourished for a span exceeding two years, stand at the precipice of a transformative moment. As Gowtham summons the courage to propose marriage to Meera, the resonance of her acceptance is harmonious, albeit tethered to a condition. In tandem with her affirmation, she expresses a desire to embark on a journey of comprehension, a sojourn to acquaint herself with the inner dimensions of Gowtham's maternal figure, Nadiya, before the union of their lives. How will the ladies handle this situation?

LGM Movie Review


The main idea is that the girl wants to spend time with her future mother-in-law to see if they will get along. But the way the story is told looks good on paper and has a very modern touch to relationships. In a movie called "Bommarillu," when the female lead stays with the male lead's family for a week, it was interesting and connected with families. Almost 18 years after that movie, "LGM (Let's Get Married)" tries to do something similar here as well and goes a step ahead in terms of storyline.

Harish Kalyan looks good, but his acting isn't great. In the movie, he seems confused. Ivana was impressive in a previous movie called "Love Today," but her performance here isn't good either. Nadiya is the only good thing in the movie. She plays the role of Gowtham's mother and tries her best to make the movie watchable. Yogi Babu's comedy is not funny this time.

LGM Movie Review

The songs in the movie, made by the director, are really bad. Songs are important in romantic comedies, but the music here is not good. The way the movie is filmed is just okay. No one from the technical team stands out. It's easy to see that the director, Ramesh Tamilamani, who wrote the story, directed the movie, and even made the music, doesn't know how to tell a good story. The movie doesn't move forward in a good way. The direction is not very good.

None of the scenes in the movie feel real. The office scenes of the main characters look more like a college than an actual office. The funny scenes with the hero's friends are not funny. Because of trying too hard to be funny and not feeling real, the movie becomes boring. Even in the second half of the movie, the parts with Nadiya and Ivana don't add much. Another unrealistic part is the fight with a tiger towards the end.

LGM Movie Review


LGM has a very good script and is about today's women and how they want things to be done in a special way. In a way, the film is ahead of its times and would have been a solid watch on OTT as the subject matter is broadminded. The film has decent visuals and a great performance by Nadia. But that is the only solace as the rest of the narration is not up to the mark.

Rating: 2.5 / 5.0

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