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Lakshmi Music Review

Lakshmi Music Review
Venkatesh, Nayantra, Charmi, Sayaji Shinde, Pradeep Rawat, Rajiv Kanakala, Sarvanand, Sameer, Sanjay, Baljeet
VV Vinayak
Nallamalupu Bujji
Ramana Gogula
Good in bits and pieces
IndiaGlitz [Thursday, December 22, 2005 • తెలుగు] Comments

Ramana Gogula who had previously composed some good music for movies like 'Thammudu', leaves a lot to be desired for the listeners of this album. Many songs in the album have a "heard before" feel which takes away their sheen. Though some songs have catchy phrases and good chorus, it's not sufficient to sustain the whole album. Having said that, there are a couple of good songs in the album like "Tara taluku taara..." and "Hey Sathyabhama.." which catches your attention. Ramana has also composed a remix of "Hey sathyabhama .." song which is pretty decent.

1. Dhaga Dhaga 2*  Singers: Ramana Gogula, Ganga, Chorus Lyrics: Viswa

The song starts off with a nice catchy chorus "Thaka dimi thadhim..tha tha thadim", however the song that follows does not match up to the expectation set by the chorus. This is a fast beat song with some catchy and good music that comes in bits and pieces especially the lines "Thaka dhimi thom taka dheem taka taara ra.." which is well composed. The lyrics has nothing much to offer and the overall tune is forgettable. Ramana should have considered using an alternate singer for the song to make it more appealing, Ganga is adequate and only the Chorus stands out in the whole song.

2.Taara taluku taara 3*  Singers: Raju, Sunitha, Chorus Lyrics: Chandrabose

The song starts of with a Guitar piece which reminds you of the beautiful Hindi song "Hai mera dil, churake le gaya..", and reminds you of many other songs as soon as the Charanam starts (like 'Ohh raani, aliveni..'), but Ramana has churned out an original number. This is a melodious number and the usage of Sitar, Violin and Saxaphone in the interludes is impressive. Raju's voice sounds like that of SPB at places and needs to be clearer in pronunciation of the lyrics. Sunitha has done a good job in rendering this song. The theme of the song is love and Chandrabose has written some good phrases like "Nuvvu velisina mamata gudi gadapa avana.." to suit the tune. Overall an enjoyable piece.

3. Hey Sathyabhama 3.5*  Singers: Shankar Mahadevan, Sudha, Chorus Lyrics: Chandrabose

This song has lyrics in Hindi and Telugu with Love as the theme. The song has a good tempo with Shankar at his usual best and Sudha supporting him adequately. The interludes are not composed well except for the occasional sitar piece. The way Sudha sings "Hey chandamama .. ra ila.." is very attractive and catches your imagination. Though the song is enjoyable, as with all songs of this album even this song keeps haunting you to trace which Hindi song the inspiration comes from (You can definitely find some traces of "Sun baba sun..pyaar ke dhun..").

4.Ammai Andhra Mirchi 1.5*  Singers: Tippu, Shreya Goshal, Chorus Lyrics:  Kulashekar

This is a fast beat song with lyrics as bad as "abbai anda burji ...." and Kulashekar used good and meaningful phrases in Telugu only sparingly and with great caution and you will end up with a chuckle listening to the lyrics. The interlude has some techno feel to it and is totally out of place. Like the lyrics the tune also has nothing much to offer and one will wait for the song to finish. One can look forward to people using the time allotted for this song for their Bio or popcorn breaks in the movie.

5. Neenu Putindhi Neekosame 2.5*  Singers: Rajesh, Ganga, Chorus Lyrics: Chandrabose

This is a good fast beat song with the guy and the girl asserting each other that they are made for each other and that they want to marry each other. The phrase where Ganga sings "Lakshmi baba ..Lakshmi baba .." does catch your attention and has the ingredients of becoming famous among the