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Kutty Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, January 14, 2010 • Tamil ]
Kutty Review
Gemini Films Circuit
Dhanush, Shriya Saran
Mithran R Jawaha
Devi Sri Prasad

 Produced by Gemini Film Circuit and directed by Mitran. R. Jawahar Kutty is an average film for all. You just can't believe the film is directed by the same man who did `Yaaradi Nee Mohini'.

Shriya and Sameer Dattani are in the same college and at one point Sameer Dattani coerces Shriya to love him and there enters Dhanush. Dhanush loves Shriya and Shriya loves Sameer. And it's not a love triangle. It is also not one sided love. Yes, don't get confused. When Shriya tries to ignore Dhanush, he offers to help her and Sameer. At the same time he also challenges Sameer to save his love and see to that Shriya doesn't fall for him. Finally when Sameer's politician father Radha Ravi plans to marry off Sameer to his friend's daughter the couple run away from home and Danush brings them to his village after fighting a dozen of henchmen on the way. Suddenly Sameer disappears and Dhanush takes care of Shriya until Sameer returns after week with his father after convincing him. They all then return and at the time of marriage Shriya tells Sameer she wants only Kutty. All end there. So why on earth did Dhanush do all that what he did is the rest.

The film was touted to be a campus story but hardly have you felt it. The characters are flat without scope for anything.  Even the actors look pale on screen as if the film was in the making for years. It starts off like a Mills & Boon romance but meanders to forgettable settings.  Only Dhanush is good with his sense for comedy. Radha Ravi, Vincent Ashokan, Rajalakshmi and Mayilsamy are there but not there. Casting also leaves a lot to be desired. Why the sidekicks of Sameer are like some hired six-feet goons and not college mates?  Gundu Arthi tries to provide some comedy at odd places. The turn of events in the film are not convincing and to some extent illogical. Also the film has a Telugu tang throughout.

It is said Kutty is a remake of Telugu film Arya which made Allu Arjun a household name overnight. But for Dhanush who is already a star in his own right this film is like a spoke in the wheel of his continuous good run. Its time to realize Tamil cinema has evolved and people have already started thinking differently long before Kutty.

Music of Devi Sri Prasad sounds improved in film than in isolation. But had the picturisation of the songs been creative they would have been even more memorable. Still Feel My Love is top. Kannu Rendum Rengaratinam which features Meghna Reddy will live a short life at least. The lyric of Thamari in Yaro En Nenjil is a relief.

With a good cast and crew Mithran Jawahar should have tried something better. His earlier film was fresh and that worked. But the storytelling of Kutty is one we have been seeing for years.



Rating: 0 / 5.0

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