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Kunguma Poovum Konjum Puravum Music Review

Kunguma Poovum Konjum Puravum Music Review
Capital Film Works
Ramakrishna, Dakshana
S P B Charan
Yuvan Shankar Raja
An Astounding Album
Monday, February 9, 2009 • Tamil Comments

Music composer Yuvan Shankar Raja had always followed a style of his own in coming up with catchy tunes.  He has rarely followed the foot-steps of his father (maestro Illayaraja).

But in his latest album 'Kungumapoovum Konjum Puraavum' he has faithfully followed his father's style of music coming up with songs that takes us to the heydays of Illayaraja.

'Kungumapoovum Konjum Puraavum', produced by S P B Charan and directed by Rajamohan, has songs that are set on various moods and different beats. A mixture of fast paced and slow songs, the album is a real entertainer for music-buffs. Interestingly Yuvan has roped in singers Venkat Prabhu, S PB Charan besides himself for the album. As usual, it is S P Balasubramanyam who walks away with all the honors. He has sung a strong number.

1.    Muttathu Pakkathil  Listen here

Singer: (Venkat Prabhu)

Lyricist: Gangai Amaren

A catchy number and a brisk beginning to the album. The song begins with the shades of 'Vaadi En Kappakazhangae'. The song is a real entertainer. The peppy tunes and catchy lyrics are the song's USP. The song takes swift turns with Venkat Prabhu's unique voice adding strength.

2.    Chinna Sirisu  Listen here

Singer: (Bella Shinde and Javed Ali)

Lyricist: Vaali

An absolute enjoyment is derived by listening to the song. The simple lyrics and very simple music works wonders. Yuvan's apt choice of singers Nela Shende and Javed Ali, whose voices suit the flavor of the songs deserve special mention. Though it is slow, it flows smooth.

3.    Kadaloram Oru Oru  Listen here

Singer: (Yuvan Shankar Raja)

Lyricist: Vaali

The man is at it this time. Besides coming out with a westernized tune, Yuvan Shankar Raja has crooned it himself. The tune is unique and appeals instantly. Yuvan gives the right feel to the song with his soft voice. Sure to impress those who like soft sounds.

4.    Na Dharmanda  Listen here

Singer: (S P Balasubramaniam)

Lyricist: Gangai Amaren

Resembling one of the evergreen hits 'Asai Nooru Vagai', the song is magnetic and catchy right from the word go. Who else can render justice to the mass song but for S P Balasubramaniam. His open-throated voice sends an energetic feel straightaway in our hearts. A kuthu number which is catchy.

5.    Kadaloram  Listen here

Singer: (S P Charan)

Lyricist: Vaali

It is another version of the same song rendered by Yuvan Shankar Raja. However the major difference lies in the way Charan has sung it. He is a lot free and sounds more energetic. A happy feel prevails on listening to this song.

6.    Orunimisham   Listen here

Singer: (Velmurugan)

Lyricist: Gangai Amaren

A kind of Oppaari song by Velmurugan. It is the catchy rhythm that is sure to work wonders in this song. The oppari has more of Ilayaraja's touch in it. The rustic feel is brought out by the lyrics.

All in all, Yuvan deserves credit for coming up with an album that is enjoyable and entertaining.

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