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Krishnamma Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, May 10, 2024 • Telugu ]
Krishnamma Review
Arunachala Creations
Satyadev, Athira Raj,Archana Iyerr,Raghu Kunche,Krishna Burugula, Lakshman Meesala
V V Gopala Krishna
Krishna Kommalapati
Kaala Bhairava

Krishnamma Movie Review

Krishnamma revolves around the story of three orphans who grew up as best friends on the banks of the Krishna River in Vijayawada. It beautifully portrays how they became each other's family.


Orphans Bhadra (Satyadev), Koti (Meesala Lakshman), and Shiva (Krishna Teja Reddy) become close friends over time. While Shiva becomes a responsible person running a printing press, Bhadra and Koti are still involved in ganja smuggling. Their lives take a turn with the entry of Padma (Archana Iyyer) and Meena (Athira Raj). However, more challenges await them in the future. To see how they navigate these challenges and how ACP Vijay Kumar (Raghu Kunche) and others are connected, watch Krishnamma.

Krishnamma Movie Review


Satyadev's performance in "Krishnamma" was praised for his portrayal of a rugged and rustic character, elevating the role with his expressions and hard work. Meesala Lakshman supported him well, enhancing their scenes together. Krishna Teja Reddy's portrayal was noted for its innocence.

Krishnamma Movie Review

Athira Raj and Archana Iyyer, though limited in scope, drove the story forward effectively. Raghu Kunche's performance as the ACP was considered satisfactory, while Nanda Gopal delivered an impactful performance. VV Gopala Krishna, the director, drew inspiration from real-life events in Vijayawada, but the story was criticized for its routine flavor. The film's second half, with its increased violence, received mixed reactions, and the ending was noted for its intensity.

Krishnamma Movie Review

Sunny Kurapati's cinematography captured Vijayawada's scenic locations and the river Krishna beautifully, adding a realistic feel. Tammi Raju's editing was criticized for its repetitive scenes and pacing issues. Kaala Bhaivara's music was considered average, but the background score was praised. Overall, the film's production values were deemed satisfactory.

Krishnamma Movie Review


Satyadev's Krishnamma assumed routine raw and rustic flavor and with VV.Gopala Krishna's story lacks novelty, it ended up testing the viewers' patience.

Rating: 1.5 / 5.0

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