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Krishnamma Kalipindi Iddarini Music Review

Krishnamma Kalipindi Iddarini Music Review
Ram Lakshami Cine Creations
Sudheer Babu, Nanditha, Giri Babu, M. S. Narayana, Chitti Babu, Abhijeet, Kishore Das, Ashalatha, Pragathi, Chinthanaya Krishna
Telugu-fied Krishnamma
Saturday, January 31, 2015 • Telugu Comments

This album has a strong Telugu flavour written all over it.  Nakul Abhyankar, Haricharan, Hari, Hemachandra, Pranavi, SP Charan, Sunil Kashyap, Lipsika are the range of singers, while lyrics are by Radha Subrahmanyam and Rakendu Mouli Vennelakanti.

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Artist: Nakul Abhyankar
Lyricist: Radha Subrahmanyam

The album gets a breezy start with this youthful song.  The number has romantic lyrics by Radha Subrahmanyam.  Nakul Abhyankar has got vocals that can pass off for good with the zeitgeist-infested youngsters.  Hari shows some spark in terms of tuning and instrumentation.

Radhe Radhe

Artist: Haricharan
Lyricist: Radha Subrahmanyam

'Radhe Radhe' is a surprise of a second song.  Hari marshals his musical skills to a smoothing effect.  His tuning evokes a feeling of longing and joyfulness.  Haricharan is at his usual best; he renders the demanding number to a perfect rhythmic effect.  Radha gets even more poetic with this song.

Madana Mohana

Artists: Pranavi, SP Charan
Lyricist: Rakendu Mouli Vennelakanti

The young Vennelakanti deploys his profound bent of mind here.  The lyrics are easily the song's best part, and they demand attention and an eye for detail.  Pranavi's mellifluous voice is complemented by that of no less a singing talent than SP Charan.  All in all, Hari delivers a good output by matching the talent of everyone from the lyricist to the two singers.

Ola Ola

Artists: Hari, Hemachandra
Lyricist: Radha Subrahmanyam

This one induces a sense of deja vu as it exudes a rip-off flavour for sure.  Such kind of minimal inspiration is not improper.  Hari and Hemachandra deliver a dekko.  Their vocals are surely apt.  As for Radha's lyrics, they are sans all the fluke that so-called youthful numbers today feature.

Tuhi Tuhi

Artists: Haricharan, Sunil Kashyap, Lipsika
Lyricist: Rakendu Mouli Vennelakanti

This is yet another tribute to love in this album.  Once again, the young Vennelakanti paints the sky with a poetic brush.  If the lyrics are high-brow, Haricharan, Sunil Kashyap and Lipsika give out splendid vocals.  Hari's music is entertaining.

Naalo Premey

Artists: Hari
Lyricist: Radha Subrahmanyam

A song of this genre was awaited in this album.  Hari has a very Illayaraja-esque as well as AR Rehman-esque baritone and this works in favour of this song that exudes pathos.  Hari shows his imagination when it comes to music as well.  Radha's meaningful lyrics cast a splendid spell.

Verdict:  True to the title that has a Telugu-esque, this album has authentic Telugu-fied songs.  Profound lyrics, good vocals and okay music make it a worthy one.

Rating: 3.5/5