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Konchem Istam Konchem Kastam Music Review

Konchem Istam Konchem Kastam Music Review
Lakshmi Narasimha Productions Pvt. Ltd.
Siddhardh, Tamanna, Prakash Raj, Ramya Krishna, Nazar, Brahmanandam, Venumadhav, Sudha, Hema, Karuna, Samrat & Ravali
Kishore Kumar (Dolly)
Nallamalapu Srinivas (Bujji)
A Slick Entry by Shankar - Ehsaan - Loy
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, January 21, 2009 • తెలుగు] Comments

The music of `Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kastham' starring Siddharth and Tamanna is out and Bollywood musical trio Shankar -Ehsaan - Loy of `Rock On' fame has given what Telugu music lovers desire. The songs are an amalgamation of class, mass and western tunes.

Directed by Kishore Kumar alias Dolly, producer Nallamalapu Srinivas alias Bujji has made the move on Lakshmi Narasimha Productions banner.

Egire.Egire    Listen here

The song is penned by Chandrabose and voiced by Clinton Creejo, Hemachandra, Raman Mahadevan and Shilpa Rao.

Lines like `Prathi adugu.swecha koraga, Manas adigina prasnake badulochenu kada.' are in this song that flows with a guitar base in a westernized touch. Chandrabose has penned the words that mingle with the tunes and keeps the energy flowing.

Aanandama. Aaratama    Listen here

This song is written by Seetharama Sastry, sung by Shankar Mahadevan and Shreya Ghoshal.

This melody number with expressive lines like Dahanida.Snehanida. emito thelchuko.

Oh pattuko..pattuko cheijaranivvaka. ikanaina...; Swapname sathyamai reppa daati chere samayana.' gives a romantic feel. Composed as a duet, the music runs in the background with a jingle like rhythm.

Jamureyi velallo veerudalle    Listen here

Chandrabose has penned the song voiced by Mahalakshmi Iyer and Shilpa Rao

Sounds like an intro song which is comprised of lines like `Idigo idigo ithade mana paduchu edalaku eduru pardina manmadhudu. Abacha.'. The instruments used in the song and the tunes have a touch of Telugu folk beats. The singers' have delivered a graceful work which adds jive to this song and gives it repetitive value.

Kochem Ishatam unte.    Listen here

This is the title song voiced by Shankar Mahadevan who's well known for opening numbers. It has been penned by Seetharama Sastry.

The tunes having a major beat of Harmonium with a comical classic touch that reminds us of the musical score of the 60's.

Shankar's husky voice sings the lines `Entho Ishtam unn, entho kashtam unna, gotitho kondetha mante sarele anna.' which is beautifully recorded. The album has a rhythmic composition with a wavy tune. Starting with the movie's title lines, this song is a dance beat, fast and attractive.

Kanule kalipindi    Listen here

Written by Chinni Charan, Shankar Mahadevan has one more time rendered his bass voice for this song too.

`Mata vinkundi.mante repindi.Nanne marachi Naanne right ani intlo kuchundi.; Evade..evade..evade Subramanyam' are Chinni Charan's words that are churned out right from the viewpoint of an estranged lover and his agony in being abandoned. Shankar Mahadevan had displayed a major makeover in his voice from the earlier fast beat song. He has sung this number with a more sad touch which will make us want to listen it again and again.

Antha sinnamga unnadi.    Listen here

This is penned by Seetharama Sastry and sung by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal

Seetharama Sastry has stringed beautiful words for this melody song. To these mellifluous tunes rendered by the trio, the voices of Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghosal add sweetness to the lovely composition.

Enduku chenthaki vasthavo..    Listen here

Penned by Seetharama Sastry, singer Unnikrishnan's voice has given it a unique beauty to the feel of the number. The entire song has been composed with a shade of blue and melancholy.

The lines depicting lost love go like, `Shapinche daivama.dahinche deepama.ide nee rupama.Prema' which has an in-depth meaning to it. Combined with a noteworthy tune composed by the three songsters, the song has been churned out with life to make us feel the bereaved lover's mindset.

O Maina emaina.    Listen here

This is one more fast beat song tuned with a touch of Rajasthani folk. Kirti Sagathia and Sadhana Sargam voiced the song written by Rama Jogaiah Sastry.

The lyrics goes like this; `Panchire panchire nee meede dil jare, andamtho pichekinchi alladisthav' which has meaningful words in entirety. Rama Jogaiah composed it with peppy words that are supported by the music composed by Shankar - Ehsaan -Loy.

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