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Kokila Music Review

Kokila Music Review
Sri Jyothy Creations
Raja, Siva Balaji, Rajiv Kanakala, Saloni, Archana (Veda), Suhasini, Kota Srinivasa Rao,
V N Aditya
G Ravi Kumar Reddy Godi
Good melodious music
IndiaGlitz [Monday, January 2, 2006 • తెలుగు] Comments

For a movie with title Kokila, it's very important and expected that the music is good. Whilst Ilayaraja has already done the honors for the older version, Madhukar has composed some good melodious music for this Kokila as well (Its better we don't compare the both). He has used many instruments in the interludes of the songs with the usage of Guitar standing out. Many songs seem situational and the lyrics shed some light on the theme of the movie (Could be friendship leading to love between the girl and the guy?).

Varshinche Megham Nuvva 3*  Singers: Shaan, KK, Tippu Lyrics: BhaskaraBhatla

The album starts off with this number that's peppy and well composed. There is an impressive and heavy usage of guitar throughout the song, especially in the interludes. The song is about the guy's description of the girl and his feelings/intentions as depicted in the phrase "naa fiance nuvvenani fix ayi poyane", however the lyrics of the song is not impressive. Overall, the tune is enjoyable and has been sung well.

Kokila O Kokila 3*  Singers: Srinivas, Shreya Ghoshal Lyrics: Pedda Murthy

It's very difficult to get over the beautiful composition of Ilayaraja "Kokila ko ko kokila...", however this song has very little similarities except the phrase "Kokila..." and you will refuse to note the difference in how both songs start. The song is sung well and the usage of instruments especially saxophone is good. Each charanam ends with the guy concluding something, for example "neekai malli malli janmistunta, premistunta." and there is a pause after which the music picks up, it's well done. That having been said, the song does not stick to your head and you will end up humming the old song tune.

Anaga Anaga 3*  Singers: Udit Narayan, Suneetha Lyrics: Pedda Murthy

This song is about a guy trying to cheer up a girl who is agitated from loss of a dear one, looks like a situational number. The lyrics of the song is good at most places, however, its a pity that the Pedda Murthy could not find any appropriate word to describe a guy who wipes off tears of a girl, than a hand kerchief. This is a good song that can be enjoyed in the movie; however it's not for repeated offline hearing.

Snehama 4*  Singers: Roop Kumar Rathod, Chitra

This is a melodious number about companionship and sung extremely well by Chitra. The usage of Piano and Sitar in the interludes enhances the mood of the song. The song comes like a mild breeze and undoubtedly it's the best song of the album. Roop Kumar has a long way to catch up to provide the sweetness that Chitra provides in this number, Madhukar should have considered Karthik for this song. The tune has immense merit and you will keep humming it for a long time.

Veeri Veeri 1.5*  Singers: Madhukar Lyrics: Pedda Murthy

The song starts of with kids singing "veeri veeri gummadipandu.." and is followed by a guitar piece that's very similar to the guitar piece in the first song and ends with some night club type music that lasts for a minute.

Pawan La Foju 3.5*  Singers: Sonu Kakkar Lyrics: BhaskaraBhatla

The song starts off with a raaga aalapana but is followed by fast beats and what you actually have is an item number. The usage of instruments has an Arabic music feel and is very impressive. There is a Violin piece that's followed by clapping, you will hear a similar piece composed by A.R.Rehman for the song 'Sundari..' in Amruta. Sonu Kakkar has sung the song very well and kept up the tempo. This is an enjoyable number.

Subhamo Sukhamo 2.5*  Singers: Suneetha Lyrics: Pedda Murthy

This is a solo sensuous short numbe