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Ko Antey Koti Music Review

Ko Antey Koti Music Review
Sarvaa Arts
Sharvanand, Sri Hari, Priya Anand
Anish Yohan Kuruvilla
Shakti Kanth Karthik
Ko Antey Koti
A fusion of melody and fast beat
Thursday, December 20, 2012 • Telugu Comments

Sharwanand, who won the hearts of the audiences with films like Gamyam, Prasthanam and the like turned a producer and is bringing out `Ko ante Koti' on the banner of Sarwa Arts. There is a sentiment in Telugu film industry that those films which have Srihari in a key role would be a sure hit. Bitten by this sentiment or so Srihari was asked to play a key role in this film too. The film had completed all the shooting and post-production formalities and is getting ready for release soon. The audio of the film had hit the market recently. Shaktikant Karthik scored music for this movie. Let us see how the songs are in this film.

Ko antey Koti    Listen here

Singer: Suraj Jagan
Lyricist: B.R.K.

Shaktikant Karthik proved that he could do well with both heavy metal genre musical instruments and also the traditional musical apparatus with this song. After the first stanza of the song, we can hear a dialogue from `Kondaveeti Simham' and the song was tuned in a different style as the singer on the one hand sings the song and on the other heard to be talking in a different way and not singing. Singer Suraj Jagan rendered the song in a typical style by changing his vocals in different modulations. When you watch the promo you can understand that the song was also choreographed in a different manner. Of course, the lyricist penned the lyric with choicest words like 'Dobbeyali' 'Gutka matka', 'Rammu dammu' and the like which is not acceptable to all classes of audiences.

O Madhurimave    Listen here

Singer: Naresh Iyer
Lyricist: Sreshta

Unlike the earlier song, this song could be for a situation, when the hero is in a romantic mood and the singer Naresh Iyer rendered this number with a husky voice, yet beautiful and melodious. Guitar's music could be identified all through this song. The listener would go into a feel of love with no heavy music. The voice of mouth organ could also be heard in the midst. One could easily understand that the hero is waiting for his girl friend or lover and is waiting for her nod for his proposal of love. The music and tune is very soothing to the ears. A number simply tuned by using three or four musical instruments, perfectly recorded song.

Varaala Vaana    Listen here

Singers: Haricharan, Priya Hemesh
Lyricist: Vasishta Sharma

A fine situational song and the lyricist and music director could have understand the shot explained by the director of the film and gave a nice tune given by Karthik and Vasishta Sharma penned the lyric and the singers rendered the song with an equal ease and while listening to the song, we can understand that it is a romantic duet between the lead pair. Must have shot with rain in its backdrop and the music director used bass guitar and the keyboard player too did a perfect job for the tune. We can also hear the voice of electric guitar too and the singers did a marvellous job to suit the scene.

Bangaru Konda    Listen here

Singer: Harini
Lyricist: Sreshta

The song begins with a voice of guitar and at the same time the singer begins with a classical touch and the lyricist penned the lyric with a touch of devotion by hailing Lord Krishna and the voice of violin is very soothing to the ears of the audiences. Karthik used the traditional musical instruments mostly for this short-duration number, with the tune beginning with electronic guitar and perfectly joined by the keyboard and violin. More than the musical instruments the rendition is melodious.

Aagipo    Listen here

Singers: Karthik, Shwetha Mohan
Lyricist: Vasishta Sharma

This romantic duet got a perfect fusion of guitar, violin and percussion instruments. The song is tuned with melody in its backdrop and the song was rendered by Karthik and Shwetha Mohan. The male voice wanted a halt of time and his soul forget its way and travelled towards the heroine. Vasishta Sharma perfectly understood the director's idea and penned a good lyric to the tune given by the music director. After the second stanza, the female joins the male voice indicating that her soul too is waiting for him forgetting sleep. A nice romantic duet! However, the song will sync with the listener after listening for two or three times.

Deham Daaham    Listen here

Singer: Shaktikanth Karthik
Lyricist: B.R.K.

The beginning of the song appears to be very clumsy with the sounds of electronic and boss guitars and heavy metal music with unclear lyric and listeners may not like the beginning of the song. Shaktikant Karthik, the music director himself rendered this song and heavy electronic guitar sound all through the song appears to be unbearable to the ears to some extent. However, the placement of song and the situation of the song might improve its appeal.

Remarks: Three of the six songs were tuned with melody base (Madhurimave..., Varala Vana.. and Bangaru Konda...) while two are tuned with heavy metal genre (Ko antey Koti... The title song and the last song 'Deham Daaham...' belongs to this kind of heavy metal music.) One song Aagipo was tuned with good fusion of guitar, violin and percussion instruments. So, four out of six songs are melodious and soothing to ears, while two would be loved by present generation youth