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King Music Review

King Music Review
Kamakshi Kala Movies
Nagarjuna, Trisha, Mamta Mohandas, Srihari, Chandramohan, Venumadhav & others
Srinu Vaitla
D Sivaprasad Reddy
Devisri Prasad
DSP churns out lambent songs
IndiaGlitz [Thursday, December 4, 2008 • తెలుగు] Comments

The much awaited `King' brings Akkineni Nagarjuna with director Sreenu Vytla for the first time. Trisha and Mamta Mohandas play the heroines in this movie. Producer D. Sivaprasad Reddy has made the movie on Kamakshi Kala Movies banner. King is slated for a December release.

Music director of Nagarjuna's `Manmadhudu' and `Mass', Devi Sri Prasad is rendering his composition for the third time in Nag's `King'. Lyrics have been penned down by Ramajogaiah Sastry and Sahiti. The music album of 'King' is being marketed by Aditya Music Company.

Nadiche styleraa King  Listen here

This first song of the album delivers hype for the movie. Penned by Ramajogaiah, it has been voiced by Leslie Lewis and Mamtha Mohandas.

The song describes the character of `King' in the movie. Drum beats is the base for this song and watch out for the female solo which is peppy in the middle of the song. Devi Prasad's music is fast, energetic and captures the feel. Even though the music dominates lyrics in this song, it is a worthy number.

A to Z AP motham kupi  Listen here

In Ramajogaiah Sastry's lyrics, Naveen Madhav and Priya Hemesh have sung this Bollywood style romantic number.

The lines of song goes on like a speech that is made of English, Telugu and Hindi words, `Rocket laanti boyfriend kosam try chesthunnane.'; ;Jetlanti manly builder kavalannane.Words are jocularly written in this song that has a mixture of cello, flute with a serene tune.The music and lyrics sync well in this song.

Choopuchalu O Manmadhuda  Listen here

Sagar and Divya are the singers of this slow paced score, penned by Ramajogaiah Sastry once again.

This melodious song flows with rhyming words like 'yeri kori nee yedapaina.vaali ponidi vayasena.thene theepi pedavi anchutho peru raasukona'. The instruments and the pace of the music are not so appealing. Although Sagar and Divya made a good effort in voicing the song, it is only of an average standard. Not a bad decision if you decide to skip this song.

Gintha Gintha pala chukkake  Listen here

yricist Sahithi has penned this song, sung by Vaddipalli Srinivas and Priya Hemesh. If you don't feel like tapping your feet as soon as this song starts, then something is amiss.  The line goes on like Bammardi Daavathante pargu parguna basthikosthi. in this fast paced folk song that is sure to enthrall the mass audience. A cold war almost prevails as Sahithi and Devi Sri compete to stage their flair knowledge.

'Yentha pani sesthiviro yamuloda Rajanna, deenni mathulo muchesthiviro yadgiri narasanna.' lines like this with the Telangana accent has been rendered well by V.Srinivas and Priya Hemesh accompanied him well in this song.

Dhirana Dhirana Dira. Ghanana Ghan  Listen here

This poetic song penned by Ramajogaiah Sastry is voiced by Ujjayinee, and has a classical touch all the way. 'Kadile pedala Sadilo swayana Kanuka janinche Pranavam; such words give a special beauty to the song. The female voice is soothing and appealing.

Phrases like `Dhirana Dhirana', `Nininsa Gamapani' churned out from Indian classical accompanied with mellifluous flute makes this song a perfect carnatic number.

Nenu Nee Raja. Nuvvu Na Rani Rani  Listen here

Rahul Nambiar and Andrea sung this party styled song, penned by Ramajogaiah Sastry. The lines have a beautiful mix of Telugu and English words. The music is quite average and it is not of any particular style. Bottomline is, the song has some good parts but is below average to listen to.

Ghanana Ghan (funny version)  Listen here

A funny remixed version sung by Mamtha Mohandas. The lyricist Ramajogaiah just takes a stroll into the names of all blockbuster Hindi movies like Sil Sila, Tare Zameen Par, Saudagar, Khuda Gavah, Mera naam joker, Sur Sagar, Sholay, Lagaan, Rangeela, Dil Chata Hai, Kal ho na ho. The song almost lists out the entire hit movies of Bollywood since its golden era. Despite the lyrics being jovial, Mamtha has sung it well.

Nuvvu Ready Nenu Ready  Listen here

A Bhangra styled song which has been voiced by Shankar Mahadevan and Gopika. Lyrics are written by Ramajogaiah Sastry. Both the singers have bought in the teasing feel of lyrics which has some familiarity in its tune.

The song sets a festive mood with its chorus and fast beats. The tempo builds up from the start and reaches a high level before the end.

King (DSP Mix)  Listen here

This is the last song in the album. This title song is composed as a DSP mix with the voice of Devi Sri Prasad. A club mix has been remixed into the original version for a disco feel. This remixed version is fast and will go to the disco floors shortly.

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