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King Liar Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, April 8, 2016 • Malayalam ]
King Liar Review
Dileep, Madonna Sebastian
Lal, Jean Paul Lal

''King Liar Review''

'King Liar' is loud. It is exaggerated. It is colourful and over the top. And of course its an out and out Dileep movie. The "only Dileep can do such movies" thought would surely cross minds after watching this movie. There are all those slap stick comedies, cheesy rejoinders, some theatrical jokes and evident improvisations in the film and 'King Lair' is for those who would enjoy some mindless narration. Though it has the Siddique - Lal tag, this conman story stays on scriptwriter Bibin Chandran's shoulders as dialogues are the mainstay of 'King Lair'.

Dileep plays this conman, who eek out a living through forging documents and lying his way through situations. He also helps others out of trouble through his gimmicks. The character he essays is named Sathyanarayanan which in itself is an irony. He meets a girl named Anjali and the lengths to which he goes to conceive her is the basic gist of the story.

In his bluffing, he gets mired in some problems for which he has even more problematic solutions. He encounter with the business tycoon Anand Varma (Lal) and his entry into a world of glitz and glamour is beautifully brought out. All of this in the name of winning back his love. This journey to Dubai and the subsequent thickening of plot is narrated.

Dileep has had a blast in the movie as his boisterous and exaggerated banter gives the movie its flavour. Joining him as his sidekick is Balu Verghese as Antappan. He holds his own which is rebuffs and jokes. Asha Sharath as Devika Varma is quite unique with her eccentricities which some may find hard to digest. Lal with his baritone and screen presence is classy as Anand Varma. As for Madonna Sebastian, she is fine as Anjali and looks pretty in the frames.

The fashion scene and the happening city in Dubai are beautiful on screen with some well captured shots. Music is again loud and complements the tone of the movie. There are a lot of pits in the narration - the shoddily done climax, illogical sequencing, jokes that goes flat and a senseless bantering. But some profound moments too add to the movie as with the relationship values and what is at stake. Moreover the pace of the narration kind of blocks out other things.

'King Liar' is not the kind of movie which leaves an impression. It is a one time watch. It is a typical and cliched comic entertainer. It sure is watchable and if you are a hardcore Dileep fan, this is one boisterous and playful outing that can be enjoyed with family and friends.

Rating: 2.00 / 5.0

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