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KCR's 24-hour curfew & other important appeals

Saturday, March 21, 2020 • Telugu Comments

KCRs 24-hour curfew & other important appeals

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today said that Janata Curfew has to be followed for 24 hours in Telangana, starting from 6am on Sunday to 6am on Monday. "Self-discipline and self-control alone can save us. We are fine now. But we can't be sure about what might happen tomorrow. It's not in our hands if we don't practise social distancing. Coronavirus has got a lot of self-respect, a WhatsApp joke says. Unless you invite it, it won't visit you. Decide it for yourself. Do you want to invite it upon you?" KCR asked.

"We are ready to spend thousands of crores. We are preparing for any eventuality. Should it become necessary, we will distribute rations at doorsteps," KCR said.

Here are some of the announcements that KCR made:

  • All RTC buses in the State cancelled. Five buses per depot will be on standby for any emergency.
  • All malls in the city are requested to shut down voluntarily. Small-time vendors like grocers, etc. are not banned in view of their importance. Only emergency services will run in the State.
  • Buses from other States will be stopped at borders. We are telling them in advance. Don't travel to Telangana. We have no option but to be strict. If you don't follow the rules, it will be a disaster.
  • All Metro trains will be halted. Five metro trains will be on standby for any medical emergency. They will be run only if there is an emergency.
  • The government is planning to close borders with Maharashtra, where Coronavirus spread is high.
  • Children and senior citizens above 60 years of age are requested to not step out for the next two weeks. The fatality rate among old people is the highest.
  • I request doctors and frontline healthcare workers to take care of themselves. Don't be stressed out. If your health suffers, we will be gone.
  • The Prime Minister has asked you all to stand in your balconies and clap for healthcare workers, etc. in solidarity at 5pm this Sunday. Some idiots are mocking the PM for giving this call. I want these people to be arrested. I request the DGP to take action against these people. Expression of solidarity is needed at this hour. That's what the PM wants. I, my family members, my MLAs, party workers will clap at 5pm. Exactly at that time, a siren will be heard everywhere. Come out and clap for 4 minutes. It's an easy thing to do.
  • Telanganites are stubborn. We fought and got back Statehood. Can we not fight Coronavirus? Let's stand as an example for the whole India.

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