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Karka Kasadara Music Review

Karka Kasadara Music Review
Vikraanth,Lakshmi Roy, Diya,Charuhaasan, Manorama, Jack Rassee and Vadivelu.
R V Udhayakumar
Karka Kasadara
Good beginning
Thursday, February 10, 2005 • Tamil Comments

After a brief hiatus, director R V Udhayakumar is making a comeback to silver screen with Karka Kasa Dara. The director known for his movies like Yejaman, Kizhakku Vasal and Chinna Gounder, is banking on a youthful movie this time.

Known for getting melodious songs out of his music composers, Udhayakumar has plumped for a new music-composer Prayog. He is said to be a popular one in Kannada filmdom.

Comprising seven numbers, Karka Kasa Dara has a couple of songs inspired by classical raga while a couple on western tunes while the rest are fast and racy numbers. A song rendered by Sadhana Sargam and a romantic number by Harish Raghavendra and  Chinmayi sound really good.

All told, Prayog has done a good job and certainly seems to have it in him to become a dependable music-composer in Kollywood.

1) A Jokku
The first number a vibrant youthful number which is sure to catch the attention of the masses. Good orchestration adds pep to the song. While Mahalakshmi Iyer infuses the right amount of energy needed for such a racy tune.

2) Noothana

This is really soothing and has a balmy effect on listeners. This soft romantic piece is inspired by a Carnatic raga. A fusion of western music and the classical base is a sure highlight. The orchestration brings out the real talent of the composer. Harish Raghavendra and Chhinmay, the young singers, show that they are adequate to face any challenge.

3) Baby Chikkitta

Pop Shalini combines with a new singer Balaji for the song, which is a fast one accompanied by a rambunctious beat. The rap song in between shows the compulsions of the time. But there is a paradox. For many youths say they don't like rap interludes in Tamil songs. But every music director is bent on using it.

4) Karka Kasadara

Title songs usually have an extra dhum and delight them. This one too has. Ranjith, the up and coming singer, shows that he has in it him to go a long way. After listening to the number, you feel as if your entire being has got a shot of adrenaline.

5) Minmini Kangalil

This is really the pick of the album. Sung by the ever-so-sweet Sadhana Sargam, the song starts off slowly. But slowness is tinged with brilliant melody. The guitar and flute interludes just add an exciting veneer to the velvety tune. Sadhana Sargam, after repeated criticisms, seems to have taken care on pronunciation. Though not vowel-perfect, it still is acceptable. The soft music is really pleasing on the ears.

6) Aithalaka

Malathi is in. Then it high-pitched fast beats have also got to be in. Malathi and the talented Kay Kay whip up a spontaneous spirit and don't let you down. Though the tune and instrumentation have nothing novel in it, the singers compensate for that with their enthusiasm. Heavy percussion instrument and racy lyrics prevail in the number.

7) Nenjinile (Sujatha)

Sujatha is never out of form. She is not in this. A haunting pathos-ridden number, the song has minimal background score. The stress is on the feeling and Sujatha delivers just that.

Prayog has done his bit. Now it is up to Udhayakumar to match it in his film.