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Kantri Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, May 9, 2008 • తెలుగు ]
Kantri Review
NTR, Hansika Motwani, Taneesha
Meher Ramesh
C Aswanidutt

Though producer Aswinidutt maintained a low profile during the shooting of 'Kantri' and tried to maintain some privacy, the audiences in general and the NTR fans in particular kept good expectations on the film, in view of the recent blockbuster like 'Yamadonga' from the hero. Meher Ramesh, though made his debut in Telugu as director, with this film, had good working experience by associating himself with Puri Jagannath. Moreover, he gave two hit films in Kannada, the remakes of Telugu films 'Andhrawala' and 'Okkadu'. But it was proved that doing a film with a hero with certain image was not that easy and the director belied the hopes of the audiences as well as NTR, who wanted repeat the success history.

Kranti (NT Rama Rao) is an orphan and brought up in an orphanage called Premalayam. He is ready to do anything for his friends and for the orphanage. Once he helps the gang of Pothu Raju popular as PR (Prakash Raj), a mafia don in India, who runs the show by from Bangkok. The activities in India are being looked after by Seshu (Asish Vidyardhi). Later, Kranti joins the Seshu gang and used to do the job even if before it was assigned to him and wins the confidence of PR in Bangkok. PR invites Kranti to Bangkok to settle scores with some of his rivals there and he does the job neatly. At this juncture, Kranti loses his heart to Varalakshmi (Hansika). Once, Kranti demands Rs 10 lakh to Seshu, and the latter refuses. Then Kranti parts with PR gang. Learning this, PR comes to India to set the things right and warns Kranti to surrender but the latter refuses. Then PR holds the children of the orphanage in hostage, which forces Kranti to meet PR. During the encounter, PR comes to know that Kranti is his son. PR, who doesn't have sentiment till that date, gets bitten by sentiment bug and wants Kranti to stay with him. After a few turn of events, Seshu's daughter Priya (Tanisha) comes to India and falls in love with Kranti. Though Seshu and PR ready for an alliance, Kranti refuses it. This leads to differences of opinion and PR and Seshu gets separated. Seshu, who eyed the property which amounts to around Rs 1,000 crore, joins hands with PR's rivals. Is Kranti really the son of PR? What is the relationship between PR and Kranti? Will Kranti was able to escape from the crooked plans of Seshu? What is the background of Kranti? Did Kranti was able to teach a lesson to PR? Why he wanted to take revenge? Answers to all these questions form part of the climax.

Of course NTR gave an impressive performance all through the film and took the entire responsibility to make the film worth watching at least to certain stage. Prakash Raj too is good in his role and did justice to his character. Asish Vidyardhi is okay in his role. Hansika, though filled the glamour quotient to the possible extent, the excess and unnecessary make-up spoiled her beauty. She could not show any of the feelings in her face nor she could do justice to her role and she needs to improve her body language extensively. Mukhesh Rushi though appeared in the beginning and at the climax is okay in his role. There is nothing much to talk about any other characters. Subba Raju once again got a good chance to show his acting talents. Though the comedy by Raghubabu is okay, the comedy track penned for Sunil is atrocious and failed to appease the audiences.

Regarding the technical side, music by Manisharma is good to listen, but their choreography is in very poor taste. But for a couple of songs, there is nothing to talk about choreography. Action scenes by Stun Siva are stylish. However, after losing weight, NTR's powerful punch in action scenes looked a little cinematic. Camera work by Sameer Reddy is average, while Marthand K Venkatesh should have further sharpened his scissors to trim the fat in the film. The major minus point in the film is the poor narration by the director. Meher Ramesh failed

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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