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Kaliyugam Pattanamlo Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, April 19, 2024 • Tamil ]
Kaliyugam Pattanamlo Review
Nani Movie Works, Raamaa Creations
Vishva Karthikeya, Aayushi Patell, Chitra Shukla , Narain rama, Rupa Lakshmi, Devi Prasad , Anish kuruvilla,Divya Ralhana
Ramakhanth Reddy
Dr Kandula Chandra Obul Reddy, Gaddam Maheswara Reddy, Katam Ramesh
Ajay Arasada

Kaliyugam Pattanamlo Review

Kaliyuga Pattanamlo delves into the intricacies of a town's happenings, exploring the underlying reasons and the subsequent consequences of these events.


In the town of Nandyal, a series of mysterious murders and shocking incidents targeting women grip the community. To solve the case, police officer Prabhakar, (Anish Kuruvilla), entrusts the task to the fearless cop Shivangi(Chitra Shukla). The narrative unfolds as Shivangi delves into the case, uncovering the connections between her niece, engineering student Sravani (Aayushi Patel), Sravani's boyfriend Vijay (Vishwa Karthikeya), and the unfolding events.

Kaliyugam Pattanamlo Review

As the story progresses, the role of Vijay's parents, Mohan and Kalpana ( Devi Prasad and Roopa Lakshmi, respectively), comes into focus. The intertwining of these characters and their actions unravels the mystery, revealing how these events are linked to a character named Saagar(Vishwa Karthikeya). The film delves into the complexities of these relationships and how they contribute to the central storyline.


Vishwa Karthikeya's performance in "Kaliyuga Pattanamlo" is marked by singular expressions, despite portraying roles with different shades. While his dialogue delivery and mannerisms are passable, he needs to put in more effort to leave a lasting impression on screen. Aayushi Patel, with her good looks, plays the typical female lead but doesn't have much else to offer in terms of performance.

Chitra Shukla, in the role of a cop, falls short in terms of looks, delivering a below-average performance. Although she executes a couple of stunts convincingly, her portrayal lacks depth and fails to offer anything new. Devi Prasad and Roopa Lakshmi play the roles of typical parents, while Anish Kuruvilla delivers an acceptable performance as a cop. The rest of the cast performs adequately in their respective roles.

Kaliyugam Pattanamlo Review

The story of "Kaliyuga Pattanamlo," penned by Ramakhanth Reddy, bears a resemblance to narratives from the 80s. The story begins by addressing psychological problems in a few children but soon shifts focus to a routine romantic track in the college setting. After a few predictable romantic scenes, a twist about the female lead is revealed. The narrative also touches upon the family problems of the protagonist, all of which unfold in a manner that feels ordinary and reminiscent of daily soap operas on television. The first half ends predictably.

Expectations for a better second half are dashed as the film progresses, with Ramakhanth opting for a convoluted screenplay that tests the viewers' patience with repetitive scenes. Like many contemporary filmmakers, he attempts to hint at a sequel, titled "Kaliyugam Nagaramlo," in an absurd and ridiculous manner. The story loses its sense, the script feels amateurish, and the direction and screenplay lack coherence. The dialogues are unremarkable.

Kaliyugam Pattanamlo Review

The editing by BH. Garry fails to make an impact, with the first half being below average and the second half disastrous. Charan Madhavaneni's cinematography, while attempting to capture Nandyal town naturally, fails to create a significant impact. Ajay Arasada's music is decent, but the background score leaves much to be desired. Overall, the production values are average at best.


Kaliyuga Pattanamlo, directed by Ramakhanth Reddy, set out with noble intentions of delivering a powerful societal message. However, the film's potential was hindered by inexperience and a lack of clarity in execution. The narrative falls into a routine and monotonous pattern, failing to engage viewers effectively and ultimately diluting the impact of its message.

Rating: 1 / 5.0

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