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Kalisunte Music Review

Kalisunte Music Review
Navdeep, Samiksha, Arya, Prakash Raj,
Yuvan Shankar Raja
A good enjoyable album
IndiaGlitz [Monday, December 19, 2005 • తెలుగు] Comments

This is the dubbing of the movie Arindhum Ariyamalum from Tamil. Yuvan comes up with some youthful and peppy numbers. He also introduces two new singers Maheeva and Anushka and both are impressive. Yuvan excels in the chorus as with many of his other songs and the fusion of instruments with the chorus stands out in the album. He tried his hand at an Arabic tune and a remix and comes out trumps at that too.

Yera Yera 4*  Singers:Ranjit, Sujatha

You will wonder where the sound of chimes are coming from as the song begins, don't mistake that's how the song pleasantly starts off and leads to a pacy and energetic number. Sujatha and Ranjit deliver the song at a high tempo and the interludes has been composed very well, especially there is a tiny whistle piece leading into a keyboard piece and at that point Sujata picks up the pitch too perfectly and delivers the second charanam, beautiful !!. Yuvan has a hangover of "kannula baasalu teliyalvu le.." still, this song is very peppy, original and enjoyable and has all the ingredients of becoming the most catchy song of the album.

Na Kallallo, Gundello 3*  Singers: Yuvan Shankar Raja, Nitish Gopal

This song starts off with a chorus singing in Arabic (Habibi..) and the same chorus is used at regular intervals. Also the interludes have been composed mostly using Violins but they don't deviate from the Arabic theme. Sticking to the Arabic theme throughout and not picking up stuff in bits and pieces is really impressive and is a rarity these days. Yuvan lends his own voice to this song and is impressive at that. The theme of the song is love, with the guy singing "na kallallo gundello nindindhi neeve.." and the emotion of the guy is depicted well in the rendition. Good one.

Koncham Koncham 4*  Singers: Maheeva Kammat

This song starts off with Maheeva (new singer onboard) humming the tune and leads into a husky and slow rendition of the song which goes like "koncham koncham.. naaku nuvvu nachhave..emo teliyudhule". The husky rendition of Maheeva leads into a peppy chorus singing "e pilla ninnu daachukoke.." and the fusion of both is very enjoyable. The song depicts the confusion/indecisiveness of the girl about her love & likes. The usage of instruments is very restrained to suit the song with the Piano and Guitar and constant drumming through out the song standing out. The song ends with an aalapana and you are left with a deep urge to listen to this song over and over again.

Jil Jil Vana 2*  Singers: Sathyan, Chinmayee

This is a rain song as the lyrics depict it, and is a fast and peppy number. There is no catchy line or tune in the song and you will wait for the song to end. The chorus and usage of instruments are also pretty average. You may skip this one.

Dheemthanaka Dheemthanaka 3*  Singers: Anushka, Premji

Yuvan successfully tries his hand at fusion of a very old (M.K. Thyagaraja Bhagavatar's song in Tamil) song and modern tune. Looks like this is a seductive number with the girl singing "dheemtanaka dheemtanaka muddelettara..". However, after listening to so many remix numbers in Hindi this song feels very familiar (reminds you of 'Kabhi aar kabhi paar...') . Anushka and premji sing this song with ease and make it enjoyable.


Overall, this is an enjoyable album with peppy numbers. After Rajashiri there is hardly any lyricist who produced good lyrics for dubbing numbers and this album also has nothing much to talk about on that front. "Yera Yera", "Koncham Koncham" stands out in the album and are bound to catch your imagination. Go for it.

Overall rating: 3*