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Kalasipalya Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, June 27, 2005 • Kannada ]
Kalasipalya Review
Darshan, Rakshita
N. Om Prakash Rao
Sadhu Kokila

Director Om Prakash Rao has a formula for making a commercial film. Rather than working hard on a story and a script, he lifts some sequences from here and there and makes a hotchpotch with a loose script and a thin story. "Kalasi Palya" is one such film.
It has some sequences of Tamil film "Dhool", "Kaakka Kaakka" and even the recent "Arul". If that wasn't enough, the director has lifted a scene from his own film "Huchcha", which in turn was a remake of the Tamil film "Sethu". 
 "Kalasi Palya" starts with a scene lifted from "Kaakka Kaakka". Then come several sequences of "Dhool", including the comedy sequences involving Vivek and Reema Sen. The election sequence in the same film also finds its exact replica in "Kalasi Palya". 
The only change is while "Dhool" had two heroines, the Kannada film has Rakshitha doubling as Jyothika and Reema Sen. 
The story is about a young Kencha (Darshan) who has failed in his matriculation seven times. His family lives in the Kalasi Palya area of Bangalore. His father despairs over him, as Darshan is always embroiled in fights with the goons in the locality. Rakshitha also stays in Kalasi Palya and is in love with Darshan. 
Finally, Darshan wants to start a business and his father helps him to change his way of life. But the goons do not allow him to run his business and the local legislator who is hand in glove with the goons opposes Kencha. The young man fights the goons with the help of his friends. 
The goons then kill all the family members of Kencha. How the hero vanquishes the entire gang of villains forms the rest of the story. 
Darshan has very little to do other than participate in fight sequences. Rakshitha may be looking good in mini skirts, but she is not built for glamorous attires or roles. 
 Sadhu Kokila's music is ordinary. And, as if to match the director, he has also lifted the tune of "Manmatha Raja" from Tamil film "Thiruda Thirudi".

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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