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Kabul Express Preview

Kabul Express Peview
John Abraham, Arshad Warsi, Salman Shahid, Pakistani
Kabir Khan

Kabul Express

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

What happens when India's biggest and highly successful movie making house moves away from the formula to make a film that has world audience as a target and a subject that is its most unconventional and challenging ever?

'Kabul Express' is born!

A film for which the shooting was completed last year followed by an extensive post production and rounds of various film festivals, 'Kabul Express' marks the debut of director Kabir Khan who takes you to a journey of war-torn Afghanistan and tells a tale through his own experiences in the country,

It's a tough world out there. And no one better than Jai [Arshad Warsi] and Suhel [John Abraham] would have known this! As TV journalists from India as a cameraman and director respectively, the two landed in Afghanistan post 9/11 when Taliban regime was dismantled and Talibanis were trying to rush away from the native Afghanis. For Jai and Suhel, an ultimate aim was to interview a Talibani and cover the activities in the region.

While in the country, they come across Khyber [Hanif Humghum], an Afghani national, who acts as their guide, translator and driver. Together the three of them travel in Khyber's Toyota Jeep that gives the film its name - KABUL EXPRESS!

But what seemed as a beginning of an adventure was just the tip of the iceberg. Because soon they would be facing situations which won't be just adventurous and exciting but also life threatening ones.....something that they were hardly prepared for!

They continue to explore the terrain blindfolded and visit the remotest corners of the mountains only to be disappointed in the end since they could hardly get hold of a Talibani who could give them an interview. On the other hand they also got a first hand taste of the activities in Afghanistan that ranged from shooting a game of Buzkashi to even getting trampled by those very horses participating in the sport.

If they thought that this was the worst then it was far from true. Because soon they had the nightmare of their lives as they got kidnapped by a Talibani fugitive named Imran [Salman Shahid]. A Pakistani army soldier who was now a part of the Taliban, his purpose in life now was to go back to his roots - Pakistan - a country which he loves and is very proud of. His modus operandi was to use Jai and Suhel as his cover as they could guide him away from the locals who would only kill him if they got a chance to lay hands on him.

In this journey of theirs, they are also followed by Jessica [Linda Arsenio], a journalist from New York who has also stationed herself in Afghanistan for her share of scoop. And seeing the four of them moving from Afghanistan to Pakistan, she thought that she had in hands what she wanted for herself.

The next step for her? Go behind the 'Kabul Express' that was the vehicle carrying the four and cover the scoop. Little did she know that she was now a part of the scoop as she got kidnapped by Imran too!

And from hereon begins the journey of 5 different individuals - 2 Indians, 1 Afghan, 1 Pakistani and 1 American!

What would happen next? What sorts of dramatic situations would the 5 find themselves in? Would 'Kabul Express' be halted by the locals while it is en route to a safe passage? And if so, would Jai and Suhel manage to rescue themselves and the others? What happens when the 5 eventually reach the Afghan-Pakistan  border? Would there be some more surprise in store for them there? Above all, would Jai, Suhel and Jessica finally get their BIG scoop?

Answers to all these and more would be unveiled on the big screen as the film releases on 15th December all over!