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Breaking the barrier

Saturday, July 23, 2016 • Tamil Comments

Superstar, man that word is enough! Nothing else matters, the charisma, the screen presence, style, the proud demi god like projections are earth shattering. So stereotyping right? Yet. can the man not act? Is he only capable of carrying the oomph factor? Here is a star who started off as sly villain, got himself into the chair of a hero, then turned into a super hero and next? Enter Pa. Ranjith, a simpleton who shrugs off the Superstar magic to weave an emotional tale of a gangster, or rather we say an aged man who misses his family. The people of 80`s would know Rajinikanth better like the clay, he can be mould into what the director wants to be, no wonder he gets into the director`s Barcalounger and casts a zealous performance not compromising on his RAJINISM. So before you start judging "Kabali" by stereotyping, not that Rajini movie you had expected, not worth all that hoopla, here is why you should watch 'Kabali'

Emotions :

That moment when Anbu dies and Kaali is unable to overcome the grief in 'MADRAS' is a moment to behold, leaves the audience moist eyed, a director`s brilliance. 'Kabali' is not completely deprived of such emotions, an aged man who misses his family, the anxious wait, nervous moments spark true sentiments. So without revealing much spoilers, we assure the movie has its own such moments.

Underplay :

The lead role requires a man who is a savior to his people, a man who stomps his foot down on honesty and yes also someone who misses his family terribly, takes a moment to brood over his agonizing past. Your hunch is right, not likely the ingredient for a mass hero, but it is that surprise element that drives us insane, Rajinikanth takes up the role and gives out bits and pieces of acting classes for generations to come.

Characterization :

Ranjith has a thing for casting and characterization, he is very particular when it comes to the cast getting into the skin of it. Many had thoughts on how Radhika Apte would fit into this and same for Dhansika, both of them prove their prowess with the former sketching a rock solid performance.

Music : The film`s music is devoid of masala and the commercialized pinch, instead it glues in with the slow but rigid screenplay with a fitting BGM. The songs vibe into the film instead of standing out which is the best thing that could happen to such a flick.

Superstar :

Those days Rajini was more known for his acting skills than just the flick of the cigar, to name a few movies would not do justice as there are quite a plenty. Somehow down the lane he got himself into the crown of a superstar, took the path of a mass hero who can send goons flying with just his looks. He dons a completely new avatar in 'KABALI', does roam around the town with his expensive Tuxedo, has his own trenchmen, but is also the longing husband, a father in vain and boy does he bring a tear on to you. He grabs the pistol on one hand and wipes his tear with the other, kills his vanity and sheds a complete peaceful laugh. Take a bow!

Amid all the hype, expectations and hoopla we tend to stereotype Superstar`s movie we keep asking for MORE to the man, and he readily accepts the challenge to give his best. But we tend to forget the man`s capabilities of an actor, which is also his primary skills. So would request to rethink on the narrow mindset of what we demand from him and look at exploring the other areas of his prowess, then you would definitely love the movie. Nerruppu Da, Kabali Da!

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