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Jilebi Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, July 31, 2015 • Malayalam ]
Jilebi Review
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Arun Shekhar
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An age old recipe packaged appetizingly, 'Jilebi' is quite mouth watering. An out and out family entertainer, what makes this small yet significant movie sand out is its warmth in theme and the the way the story has been presented. The light hearted moments in the movie with amble comedy and innocent humourous situations makes it intensely lovable.

Naughty children can give an given movie a unique charm. The spoilt Pacchu and Ammu along with a host of other kids are endearing. Gaurav aka Jugru and Sayuri brings in laughs with their antics. Their incessant thumping down of nose on anything 'ancient', their pranks on their uncle and their equation to the other kids in the area and the changes that a new life makes them adopt are all brought out beautifully.

Jayasurya yet again takes the cake for being natural in the role he played. As the simple and industrious farmer Sreekuttan, the actor has blended in the right mix of the village lad who loves the smell of the soil and rain. Clad in a typical baniyan and lungi, he plays his part with elan. Ramya Nabeesan as his cousin Shipa also does a good job. The Jayasurya - Remya team up is not new and their association has a familiar feel which adds to the movie.

The plot revolves around the happenings when Shilpa comes to Kerala with her two kids from Dubai to get them settled in the Ooty school, due to certain circumstances. Sreekuttan is entrusted with this. Their entry into his simple life complicates and at the same time enriches it. The plot has a novelty in it and where it lacks, comedy comes to the rescue.

Though this is the debut of Arun Shekar, he has done a very neat job. The beauty of Kerala is heightened by the cinematographer and he has been able to infuse some freshness in the frames. Families can easily catch this movie and come home satisfied. 'Jilebi' served hot can be a sweet and crunchy outing.

Rating - 2.5/5

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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