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Jawani Diwani Preview

Jawani Diwani Peview
Emraan Hashmi, Hrishita Bhatt, Celina Jaitley
Manish Sharma
Sajid Wajid

Jawani Diwani

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

No, don't go by the title and start thinking that 'Jawani Diwani - A Youthful Ride' is yet another sleaze film in the making. Also Emraan Hashmi's presence as a 'serial kisser' in the movie too is not a good reason enough to completely slot 'Jawani Diwani' in a genre that attracts only a limited segment of moviegoers. Instead 'Jawani Diwani', true to its tagline, is a fun movie that takes you through the life of the central protagonist whose life is all fun and opportunities before reality strikes. And now there are choices that need to be made!

Mann [Emraan Hashmi] is a young guy who is nothing but a cool dude and has a musical skill to match the attitude. Seemingly relaxed by means of an overall persona, he is not the one who waits to have things happen by themselves to help him reach his goals. Instead he is one big opportunist who is always looking forward to some means by which he could attain name, fame and stardom.

His wait seems to be on the way to end soon when he comes across Radha [Hrishita Bhatt]. Simple, beautiful and intelligent, she is not just someone whom you could trust and take home with. Instead she comes with a quality that makes Mann go all out to woo her. The quality is, as you must have guessed it right, her financial and social standing!

She is the daughter of a millionaire who happens to be a music company owner. This is beyond Mann's wildest imagination and he sees Radha as a gateway to success and everything that he always wanted. Soon the two are a pair and he gets everything in platter - Radha's hand for marriage and a music contract for her father's company.

World wouldn't have been a better place to live for him and soon he is on his way to Goa for a party with his friends.

Little did he know that this small vacation was to change his life forever. The same guy who was fun-loving all this while wasn't aware about things that were in store for him in the next few days to come. Because this is where he met Roma [Celina Jaitley].

Roma, a Goan beauty, who could be any man's fantasy. And Mann wasn't any exception!

One thing leads to another and he finds himself in bed with her. Well, it could just have been a short fling that could have stayed on as a one night stand but that wasn't a case to be. Because now he is forced to marry Roma!

Mann's life takes a twist as he sees his future on the way to be shattered right in front of his eyes. Roma realizes that this is not a marriage where Mann has his heart in and compromises her marriage for his sake. She willingly goes in for a divorce hence making Mann a free man again!

Its 'Jawani Diwani' for Mann once again as he is on his way back to his dream - music and along with it Radha who is waiting for him with open arms. Things progress in his life as nothing would have happened and preparations begin for his music video.

But life has its own way of coming back full circles and the same happens in Mann's life too. The model selected for the video is none other than Roma and now there is no option left with him than to be intimate with her again.

Though he tries to maintain a professional relationship with her, its inevitable for him not to get closer to her. And this time around, it becomes much more than just a fling as he truly falls in love with her. He realizes that Roma is the girl whom he wants to spend his life with but on the other side there is Radha who spells success for him.

Roma and Radha - love and stardom!

He has a choice to make and he has to do it pretty soon! Does the opportunist in him defeat his lover side? Or does he sacrifice everything that he had dreamt of for the one whom he loves now?

Does Roma accept Mann ins