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Jananam Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Wednesday, December 22, 2004 • Tamil ]
Jananam Review
Arun Kumar, Priyanka Trivedi, Raghuvaran, Nasser, Ashish Vidhyarthy
D Ramesh

Arun Kumar's Jananam finally sees the light of the day after almost two years. Directed by Ramesh Kumar, who made his debut with Vijayakanth's Ulavu Thurai, Jananam touches upon the issue of unemployment haunting the graduates in the society.

Though the issue has been highlighted in films like Kamal Haasan's Sathya, Balachander's Varumayin Niram Sigappu and Bharathiraja's Nizhalgal, the sincere attempt of the Jananam crew in taking up a live subject should be appreciated.

Arun Kumar has proved in his earlier films like Pandavar Bhoomi and Iyyarkai that he has the requisite acting skills to make it to the big league. Jananam has provided the right platform for him to showcase his talents once again.

Playing an angry young man's role, Arun Kumar has given his best performance on screen to date. Priyanka Trivedi, who appears in a very brief role in the movie oozes boundless glamour while Ashish Vidyarthy playing a corrupt Education Minister shouts loud on screen and goes over the top. Nasser and Raghuvaran have been wasted. Vadivelu's comedy does evoke laughter.

The movie is all about Surya (Arun Kumar), a MBA graduate, who decides to fight for the cause of the unemployed graduates. Coming to know of the difficulties his friends face in their life to find a job in spite of having the necessary qualifications, Surya decides to wage a battle against the government machinery. A revolutionary writer Udhaya Murthy (Raghuvaran) masterminds Surya's moves against the government.

On coming to know about the evil desires of Education Minister Muthu Karuppan (Ashish Vidtyarthy), Surya takes cudgels against him. In turn the Minister bumps off one of his friends.

Meanwhile, Surya floats an unemployed graduates association and takes the fight through the association to the Minister. The Minister eventually bans the association and kills Raghuvaran. Finally it is left to Surya to protest from inside the prison which forces the Chief Minister (Rajesh) to visit him personally and  hold talks with him. Hearing his arguments, he gives in to demand and orders the arrest of the corrupt Minister.

It is a film that replete with idealism and utopian plans. The unemployed students association and the dialogues in the prison are good cases in point.

Balakumaran's dialogues are fierce and pungent at many places, whipping up the righteous indignation. Bharadwaj has come up with a good musical score.

For Arun Kumar, the film is certainly an important one. He has done everything possible from his side.

Though director Ramesh has tried to narrate an issue that the society is grappling with, it's certain that the delayed release will have an impact in the minds of the audience.

A pity, really.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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