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James Preview

James Peview
Mohit Ahlawat, Nisha Kothari, Zakir Hussain
Rohit Jugraj
Ram Gopal Varma, Parag Sanghavi
Nitin Raikwar, Bapi Tutul, Prasanna Shekhar


Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

In the world of villains.....we need a HERO....

And after all you have seen of comes JAMES....

A 100% masala action entertainer from Ram Gopal Verma's Factory, 'James' marks the debut of yet another 'haryanvi' lad Mohit Ahlawat after Randeep Hooda in 'D'. Launched around a couple of years back when 8-10 movies were announced by RGV, 'James' is now ready for release this month. The actioner doesn't have a single known name from Bollywood and chiefly comprises of numerous upcoming actors. Nisha Kothari gets launched as a lead heroine after a small yet noticeable role in 'Sarkar'.

Now about the movie's theme.

What happens when a young man arrives in the city of dreams - Mumbai - to explore a future for himself? Reminds of RGV's own 'Shiva' and 'Satya' - isn't it? While entire Bollywood has joined the bandwagon of remakes, RGV was again a pioneer of the trend. He made no bones about this 2 years back when he touted 'James' to be a contemporary version of his blockbuster 'Shiva'. With a dash of 'Satya' added to the movie, 'James' promises to be one exciting ride that's bound to pump up the adrenaline.

The storyline is simple. A twenty something young man, with muscles and attitude to boast of [a lethal combination indeed] steps down the streets of Mumbai. With nothing else but confidence and self respect, he looks out for a job that could excite him. And excite he does get because he gets the job of a bouncer at a nightclub!

A job where his smile could make girls weak on their knees!! A job where his fist could make trouble makers go down on their knees!!

On one of his routine days at 'office' he comes across a bubby lolita-ish teenage girl Nisha who is naughty, prankster and has an attitude to match. As expected, the two fall in love. But then would Mumbai let them live a life of their own?

Not easy for the love birds because the society where James lives, it is ruled by a 'sarkar' of its own. A 'sarkar' that is controlled by a handful of people who are a terrifying mix of politicians, underworld and petty goons. A family that believes in making its own rules and punishes those who do not follow them!!

And the trouble begins when James breaks a rule. And James is on run.....along with his heartthrob Nisha!!

What was the rule that James broke? Will he be constantly on a run? Will be be hounded by the 'world of villains' till death knocks he doors? Will it be a battle of survival?

Or will JAMES turn back and challenge the villains? Will the hunter become the hunted?

Will we get the real HERO?

Directed by debutant Rohit Jugraj, the basic storyline of 'James' undoubtedly appears to be one of those routine 'maar-dhaad' action thrillers that one has been witnessing since years. Also the win of good over evil is also not something that would take the moviegoers by surprise. But it is the screenplay and the execution of 'James' that should make people sit and take notice.

With an exciting mix of fists and mind games driving the battle to its thrilling conclusion, 'James' is designed as one raw, on the face actioner that should be loved by those looking for some 'desi dhishum dhishum' entertainer.

Wait for 'James' should be over in the month of August.

Because he is coming SOON........BLOODY SOON!!