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Jagapati (Ye Center Aina OK) Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, June 25, 2005 • తెలుగు ]
Jagapati (Ye Center Aina OK) Review
Roja Enterprises
Jagapati Babu, Rakshita, Navneet Kaur, Sai Kiran
Jonnalagadda Srinivasa Rao
M Ramalinga Raju, V Satyanarayana Raju
MM Keeravani

Even an ordinary story can be made into a `watchable' movie with a skilful screenplay. And on the contrary, even a workable story can be let down by a silly script.

It is the case of latter in Jagapati, as a shambolic screenplay dilutes the essence of a promising story. In the event, what eventually emerges is a mindless masala of seen-before variety.

Jagapati (Jagapathi Babu), a policeman in a small village, almost acts as the henchman of the local MLA Nagaraj Goud (Pradeep Rawat).

Jagapati also goes to the extent of reducing the police station into a bar.

Enter Lavanya (Rakshitha), the widow of Murari (Sai Kiran) who is killed by Jagapati.

 Lavanya brings about a change in his life and soon he turns right and takes on the venal MLA.

The story has a decent plot to it with some inherent suspense to it (about Lavanya's past).

But the tepid screenplay that has been constructed with an eye on front-benchers botches it all.

Jagapati in an eponymous role is as ever bankable. He gets the character's specifics right. As a corrupt policeman he is funny and when he turns serious, he brings about the right body language changes. 

Rakshitha too is full of cherubic enthusiasm. Cast in a serious role, she does justice to her role. Of course, there is no dearth of glamour.

Navneet Kaur, as a vamp cop, has nothing much to do. Pradeep Rawat goes through the motions of the villain, and so does M S Narayana as a comedian. Sai Kiran's part is negligible.

MM Keeravani's music is good and a couple of songs are really hum-worthy.His background score is also adequate. Jayaram's camera work is easy on the eyes.

But the direction of Jonnalagadda Srinivas is almost puerile. He doesn't get most of the things right. Even mass entertainers need a well thought out script.

Jagapati lacks that.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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