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Iyer IPS Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, January 25, 2005 • Tamil ]
Iyer IPS Review
Sathyaraj (dual role), Narayana Rao, Anu Mohan, OAK Sundar, Anandhraj, Sangavi

After a long gap, Sathyaraj takes to khaki in Iyer IPS, a film that is all about the a police officer specializing in encounters.

Sathyaraj plays a dual role (a Brahmin police officer and a gangster).

Though the director Harirajan, who won his spurs in lachrymose TV serials, has taken up the hot issue of encounters, he doesn't have the wherewithal to carry it off with elan. The end product, eventually, is without any fizz.

In fact, the film is downright daft in many places with aimless fiery dialogues and khaki clad policemen running all round with nothing much to do.

The movie is all about Iyer (Sathyaraj), a Deputy Commissioner of Police, who is an encounter specialist. He comes across a Muslim woman Nasreen (Sangavi), whose father is killed by gangsters.

Out of pity, he marries her much against his parents' opposition. While delivering a baby, Sangavi dies.

Meanwhile, Jenniffer (debutant Megha), a scribe, comes to know of a fake encounter organized by Iyer to bump off a known rowdy. She follows him from then, blackmailing him. But Iyer, who thinks evil forces don't deserve a chance in the court, doesn't change his style of operations.

Elsewhere a gangster Venkatachalapathy (Sathyaraj again), who lands up in prison after being apprehended by Iyer vows to kill him.

Coming to know of his son killing people in the name of encounters, Iyer's father decides to take cudgels against him. He falls in to the vicious trap of Venkatachalapathy and the rest is about how Iyer embarks on a mission to rescue his family and put an end to the shenanigans of Venkatachalapathy.

The point is the story has a good potential. But so more is the pity when Harirajan spoils it all with an amateurish attempt. There is not even elementary coherence between scenes.

The gangster Sathyaraj whose make-up resembles that of former Chief Minister Kamaraj, plays a dumb man. Unfortunately the character has no stronghold in the movie.

Sathyaraj is okay among the cast. But the rest amble aimlessly in and out as if caught in a revolving door. Sangavi plays a guest role, while newcomer Megha has nothing much to do in the movie. A host of villains Anandaraj, O A K Sundar and Mahandhi Shankar are in the cast. But none leave an impression.

Lengthy dialogues and needless stunts make the watching even more tedious.

Recommend Iyer IPS to your foes or those suffering from insomnia.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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