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Ivan Maryada Raman Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, April 14, 2015 • മലയാളം ]
Ivan Maryada Raman Review
Anto Joseph
Dileep, Nikki Galrani
Suresh Divakar
Anto Joseph under

Watching ‘Ivan Maryadharaman’ might remind you of many of the comic capers of yore. This simple movie doesn’t boast of much. But if you leave your brains at home and any thoughtful sensibility by the theatre door, you are in for a good time. You can more or less predict what comes next with each sequence and enjoy yourself while at it. Though the movie lacks a vital punch, it sure is a one- time watch family entertainer.

Director Suresh Divakar has played it safe keeping the formula of a comic entertainer intact. This lack in novelty is quite disappointing while at the same time quite comforting, since watching something we are so used to can make us relax. Die hard Dileep fans surely would find the movie a mass entertainer, while others who are prone to get critical would find aplenty, reasons to point fingers against the movie.

While lack of originality and novelty is an aspect, the script too lags a lot, especially in the second half. The mindlessness of the entire revenge saga and a wafer thin plot all add to the woes.  The lack of punch in the climax is another negative.

The expected exaggeration and hyperbole that provides the comedy is all well. Dileep has excelled as usual dong this genre. And his facial expressions and body language does full justice to the role.  The movie is replete with sequences that could evoke laughter. But a many comic situations do fall flat.

The actors have all done well and Dileep is in his element as Raman, a simple villager on a cycle that talks. The simpleton - hero avatar suits him to the hilt. Nikki Galrani as his lady love also sizzles as a village belle. The villain role played by a Telugu actor too looks well. The background score by Gopi Sunder and cinematography have all highlighted the movie’s rustic feel good theme.

All in all, ‘Ivan Maryadharaman’ is a one-time watch that can be enjoyed with the family. But those who wish to take something from the movie will be disappointed as this movie belongs to the watch and leave category.  Some might not be able to digest the excessive exaggeration. This no-brainer but has the potential to be a box office hit with Dileep at the helm and comedy, however crass, providing entertainment.

Rating: 2.5/5

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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