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Italian lab makes 'stunning' progress in invention of coronavirus vaccine

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 • Telugu Comments

Italian lab makes stunning progress in invention of coronavirus vaccine

The Lazzaro Spallanzani National Institute for Infectious Diseases in Italy's Rome is in the news for making "stunning progress" (to quote a commentator) in the invention of a potential vaccine for Covid-19. As per news reports, the scientists at the Institute have claimed that they have invented a vaccine candidate that has "generated antibodies in mice". This can work on human cells as well, the scientists revealed.

The report was first published by Science Times, which said that the scientists found that "the vaccine neutralized the novel coronavirus in human cells".

Takis is the pharma company developing the medication. As per the company, "this is a first since the race for a Covid-19 vaccine began in the world". "The scientists injected the mice with the vaccine, which then developed antibodies that block coronavirus from infecting human cells," the Science Times report says.

A technique by name electroporation has been employed in the making of the vaccine. "Through electroporation, a vaccine can break into the cells and activate the immune system," the report adds.

Meanwhile, some skeptics argue that it would be a miracle if a vaccine is invented successfully in 18 months.

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