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Iruvar Ullam Music Review

Iruvar Ullam Music Review
Vinay Rai, Payal Rajput, Archana Gupta, Sathyan, M. S. Bhaskar
Vijay Antony
Iruvar Ullam
Music Review
Thursday, July 4, 2013 • Tamil Comments

Iruvar Ullam is supposedly a romantic film which has Vinay Rai, Payal Rajput and Archana Gupta in the lead. Music is by Vijay Antony who is known for using some peculiar words with some elegant style. Let's see how this album has fared out.
Kannadi Silaye:Listen here

Singers: Santhosh Hariharan, Sangeetha

One of the major finds of the singing competition in a private TV channel is Santhosh, who is better known for melody numbers. Starts off with a heavenly piano prologue and is easily the pick of the album. An out and out cupid track breezes the beauty of his lady love and guess what, reciprocation and so on. Sangeetha does her bit pretty comfortably and adds her chic tone well enough. Vijay has used his best orchestration to livewire the song with some catchy tunes that refuses to cease down. A Winner in all!
Kaadhal Kiliye:
Listen here

Singers: Haricharan:

Yet another lad who profusely sings melody at its best is Haricharan, who this time is delegated with a love failure song. This is one is for all the Romeo's out there singing in vain of their Juliet's, dejected and pathetic over love and its gameplay. It oozes out with forlorn tone and the lyrics are full of sadness, and Vijay Antony's justification with the rightful energy and percussions. The song is reminiscent of so many other love failure songs, also because Haricharan has become a routine in almost all of the movies.
Udalgal Rendum: Listen here

Singers: Nivas, M.M.Manasi:

Ravishing bass and some peppy tunes make this song rich as a part time dance number. Strings and harmonically running beats apart, the musky tone of Manasi compliments well to this song. The song is about Love, celebration and the vibe it creates with some ecstatic tunes definitely makes you hooked. A number rich in party elements and "Shake a leg" factor gets you jive into the peppiness post the second interlude.

Mazhaiye Mazhaiye:
Listen here

Singer: Andrea Jeremiah

Yet another celebration of Life kind of a song has the rightful casting of the singer who is known to bring the freakishly awesome mood to the number. Andrea's captivating voice draws you into the enigma of music's zenith, and this song is sure to go on a repeat in your music player. Vijay's rightful usage of sleazy orchestration is at its best, and the melodrama of rhythms creates havoc in the store. Another winner!
Aadum Nenje:Listen here

Singer: Sunitha Sarathy

A typical Vijay Antony number, though very recursive you might find still likeable. The dose of Rock instruments used is something spectacular and forays through the scoring amidst all the violin and distant bass elements. The lyrics speak of intense matters that deal with heart and mind, Sunitha makes her comeback pretty insanely well, thanks to Vijay Antony. To sum up, a westernized song, that has whiffs of goodness in parts, might work for a few.
Verdict: A mix of melody and club music in store, Vijay still has the knack of decent music, loud and clear!

Stars : 3/5