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Inspector Garud Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, January 29, 2007 • Malayalam ]
Inspector Garud Review
Kavya Madhavan, Dileep, Aishwarya, Vijayaraghavan, Shammi Thilakan, Harisri Asokan, Cochin Haneefa, Suja Karthika
Johny Antony
Milan Jaleel
Vayalar Sarathchandra Varma, Alex Paul

He won't hesitate in making a quick buck, even if it involves bending the conscience as per convenience. And even a little ambition will never go unresolved as opportunism pays him always. He is ready to play, manipulate and try every dirty trick in the book. These are the beliefs that came to our mind about the main protagonist of Johny Antony's latest Inspector Garud...

Hold on, we are not going to let off the guy with a feeling of disinterest. Instead we are forced to love the hero even if he deals with the ugliness of avarice and overdrive with characteristic mischievous humor. That is the success of this movie, very well branded ala the director's earlier ventures.

The film has rich production values, good family sentiments, beautifully shot songs compared to Malluwood standards and of course, well-choreographed clean enjoyable comedy all through. The film will most certainly satisfy Dileep's innumerable fans, who are eagerly looking forward to this film after the debacle of his recent releases like the Don and Chakkaramuthu.

The film opens on a terrorist gang trying to make an unlawful shipment of arms, realizing the danger of unloading it in Chennai shores decides to take it to Cochin. There they get a trusted Aide in chettiyar who helps them to store them in the house of a vagabound, Lonappan in a crowded market place. Lonappan who misuses one of the weapons against his daily boozing shop gets into trouble and gets nabbed by police who realizes that the big seizure of arms is in the cards if they search Lonappan's house. They go on for a raid but the residents of the market revisit them.

Chettiyar with the help of a state minister suspends the circle inspector on duty and posts notorious C.I. Madhavan Kutty to help them to transport out the weapons from the market. Madhavan Kutty agrees on a high price and with little crookedness, shift the arms in a truck, thereby becoming a trusted aide of chettiyar and his son, who are the local crime syndicate.

Madhavan Kutty who always had wild dreams of becoming a police officer was ready to risk anything to achieve that. When an opportunity came to him, he didn't look back, sold everything he inherited, paid fifteen lakhs as bribe and joined the force as an inspector. But what made him the most talked about inspector in the post was that he managed to collect back as bribery what he spent for obtaining his job within four months of his posting. Such was his character - A man who grabs anything that interests him, at any cost--that is why he was called Garud, Inspector Garud.

Once Madhavan Kutty, ill behaves with Sethu Lakshmi, not knowing that she is the sub-collector. She take up the issue to the women's commission and the C I has to seek mercy in public, but Madhavan Kutty take it as an insult and decides to teach her a lesson. Somehow it enters his head that only by making her his wife, he can ill behave with Sethu and thereby degrace her in public. And at the same time Sethu Lakshmi's only brother got nabbed on a heroine case.

Madhavan Kutty find this an opportunity and ask the sub collector to marry him, if she wants her brother freed from any cases. Thinking of the disgrace that her family is soon into, she agrees to marry Madhavan Kutty. There are a whole lot of laughs, and lots of interesting moments between the two, but things are soon going to turn sour for the C.I as he is not going to win every battle. What was in the store for the C I was something terrible that is going to change his life for ever. The film then follows in lighter vein how the corrupt inspector turns to good ways due to a plenty of social reasons.

Post interval, it is time to bring out the issues -- a second half is a little drag compared to the pre-intermission fun. But it is also the time for the audi

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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