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Indru Netru Naalai Music Review

Indru Netru Naalai Music Review
Thirukumaran Entertainment, Studio Green
Vishnu, Mia George
Ravi Kumar. R
C. V. KumarK. E. Gnanavelraja
Music Review
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, June 17, 2015 • தமிழ்] Comments

Hip Hop Thamizha’s next round of music comes with actor vishnu’s sci-fi movie, after making debut the composer has tried variety with IndruNetruNazhai.

Naane than raja :  Listen here

Singer : Anthony Dasan

Lyricist : Muthamil

Anthony Dasan’s vocal fused with rich electronic experimentation is sure to pave way for freakish listeners. An interesting dance number blended with sax through the interludes and shuffles to a little of that Afro beat and then back to our very local flavor. Sure to be trending in FM stations and from a youth perspective it’s a mix of creativity unleashed.

The conquest of time : Listen here

The Hollywood kind of title trots from western symphonic anthems to capture the run, a solitude illustration of time, maybe that being the key element of the movie. Starts with a hollow offbeat and sets pace with a slow upcoming of rich percussion injection, the composer has indeed matured over his second movie for the end note does not completely drench in western classical elements but with an Indianized way of signing off things.

Iphone6 : Listen here

Singer : Hiphop Adhi

Lyricist : Hiphop Adhi

Apart from composition, lyrics, Hip Hop Thamizha has also crooned this interesting number, which speaks about the age old hero running around the heroine singing about the opposite characteristics of the duos. A lovely tongue in cheek composition from the musician, freakish yes, but true to his name the singer has introduced some variety by fusing in recursive female echoes that finishes off high.

Indru Netru Nazhai : Listen here

Singer : Shanakar Mahadevan, Aalap Raju

Lyricist : Hiphop Adhi

The song rides heavily on the lead singer, both exhibiting different characteristics yet completely in sync with the harmony. Raju’s soft yet honey dwelled voice looks perfect in the melody portion and Shankar Mahadevan as usual goes on the bass sector in style with a pinch of classical touch. A beautifully laid track with some interesting choice of percussions from Hip Hop tamizha, even though starts dull, gets going.

Kadhalae Kadhalae  : Listen here

Singer : Shanakar Mahadevan, Padmalatha

Lyricist : Vivek

Right from the word go, Shankar Mahadevan high pitches off aided by Padmalatha’s wondrous vocals. The track is a mix of melody and new age duet, traversing between slow thumps matching the pace of the composition. A good listen that might work well with some colorful visuals.

Verdict : 2.75/5