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Indiralohathil Na Azhagappan Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, February 1, 2008 • Tamil ]
Indiralohathil Na Azhagappan Review
Vadivelu, Suja, Theetha, Rari, Nasser, Shriya
Thambi Ramiah
Manickam Narayanan
Sabesh Murali
Indiralogathil Naa. Allagappan

The movie begins with an `opening song' introducing the hero. The rule of Vadivelu, who dons three different characters and four different get ups, starts from the word go. The movie, written and directed by Thambi Ramaiah, who has penned many comedy tracks to Vadivelu, revolves around a human being making merry in the heavenly world.

Azhagappan (Vadivelu) is a member of a theatre group. One fine day an unlikely visitor from the heavens stumbles upon him and almost falls for him. The beautiful trio of the heaven - Ramba, Thilothama, and Urvashi - comes to the earth to enjoy its "beauty". While the others get back to where they belong to at the right time, Ramba (played by Yamini Sharma) looses her track and gets into trouble. Vadivelu accidentally helps her to go back to the heaven. She gets him to the heaven during the night and sends him back to the earth early in the morning.

Frequenting to the heaven and the hell gives Azhagappan an idea of what is happening in the other world. He is not serious about his rare opportunity to see the Devendran (king of all deities - played by Vadivelu) and the deities but the death of a neighboring child changes everything. He takes thing seriously and wants to teach a lesson to the deity of death (Yama Dharma Raja - played by Vadivelu again).

Vexed with the death and the ways human beings are treated with in the hell, Azhagappan decides to tamper with the process of life and death. He wants to tamper with the laws of the gods. The gods get anger and Azhagappan pays the price. Comedy turns into tragedy, as he is in for a big trouble. Naradha (Nasser), as usual, makes amends to bring up the climax.

Ramaiah has chosen a premise that has potential to provide us with hilarious moments. The fantasy element peppered with mythological aspects is utilized well to entertain the audience. The initial scenes portraying Indran and Yaman in a different light are enjoyable. Ramaiah - Vadivelu brand of comedy is at its best when the characters are introduced in the heaven and hell.

Post interval, the film looses track, as the director steps into sending out message to the public. The fantasy crosses the limit and the movie slips into sentiments and stereotypes. The proceedings leading to the climax are testing our patience. The build up to the predictable climax is irritating.

Vadivelu's powerful and colorful performances in three different roles are commendable. He is stunning as Yaman, though Ramaiah has gone overboard in shaping the character. As Indran, Vadivelu scores with his expressions. Azhagappan is Vadivelu's usual character, which he handles with ease. His body language is amazing, so much so that even ordinary dialogues sound comical with the help of his body language. His rendering of dialogues in pure Tamil is fantastic, barring some hiccups in pronouncing a couple of letters. His portrayal of the old man is quite effective. The way he has differentiated the three characters by rendering three different voices and modulations are praiseworthy. Hats off to Vadivelu.

Nasser's cool handling of Naradha role adds the impact, while Suja looks good and provides glamour to add variety. Others, including Manobala and Sumitra are competent. Shriya sizzles in the item song. The song lives up to the hype.

The music by Sabesh Murali is effective. The songs are humable. The background music in Yamalogam is powerful. Cinematography by Gopinath is excellent. The different colors used for Indralogam and Yamalogam are noteworthy. Thotta Tharani's art work in creating the heavenly worlds is marvelous.

Overall, the movie impresses in bits and pieces. It lacks consistency. The second half, filled with stereotypes and dull sequences, is dragging. Had Thambi Ramaiah worked out a better script bas

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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