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Indian Beauty Music Review

Indian Beauty Music Review
Colin Mcphee, Shaijala Rao
Shanthikumar Chilumula
Shanthikumar Chilumula
Joey Calvin
Indian Beauty
Melody ruled this album
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, October 4, 2006 • తెలుగు] Comments

The film `Indian Beauty' is produced and directed by NRI from Andhra Shanthikumar Chilumula. Colin Mcphee is the hero and Shaijala Rao is the heroine.

Music is by Joey Calvin and photography is by Suresh Rohin. The story, screenplay and direction are by Shanthikumar Chilumula.

Priyathamaa.. Singers: Chitra, Priyasri

This is a melodious number. Chitra, who is known for her sweet voice, rendered it in a mellifluous way. Moreover, Priyasri's voice exactly in sync with Chitra and we can't just identify the change between both the voice while listening to the song. The song has high literary values and is like a lullaby and one can enjoy while listening to the song.

Summer sun rise laaga. Singers: Tippu, Priyasri, Prajesh

This number has a mix of English and Telugu words. It has both melody and fast beat. However, the song is worth listening once and has no repeat value. Even the tune is also not very impressive and has an old rhythm. Priyasri's voice failed to synchronise with Tippu and Prajesh. One could rate the song while watching how it was choreographed on the screen.

Holi.. Singers: Karthik, Anuradha Sriram

This song was tuned on folk theme. As the song rightly hints, it must have choreographed with Holi in its backdrop. Anuradha Sriram rendered the song in a melodious way while Karthik had supported her well in the song. Moreover, the song which is expected to come in a village backdrop or at least with a group of people has a touch of classical musical instruments like sitar. A song which has a good mix of tunes.

Sankranthi Pandaganta Uyyalaa.. Singers: Anita Krishna, Balaji

This is a song which comes in a rural backdrop with the girls in villages celebrate the Sankranthi festival with Gobbellu (a tradition prevails mostly in north coastal Andhra). Balaji's voice comes as a Haridasu rendering a song and as a "Basavanna"-player (Gangireddula vaadu) in the interlude. Use of classical musical instruments like Veena and flute elevated the tempo in the song. The song has a touch of melody and folk tune.

Dream Girl.

This is a typical English song. Hopefully, the song comes in a foreign backdrop in which a young foreigner renders the song. Mimicking many Hollywood songs, the music director used the bango drums and guitar freely in tuning the song with a bit speed. Unless, you are very keen, you can't catch the lyric in the song. But the song is quite melodious.