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Ice Cream 2 Music Review

Ice Cream 2 Music Review
Bheemavaram Talkies
J.D.Chakravarthi, Naveena, Tanikella Bharani, Jeeva, Nandu, Bhoopal, Siddhu, Dhanraj, Shalini, Gayatri, Ram Guptha, Prabhakar, Binoji
Ram Gopal Varma
Tummalapalli Rama Satyanarayana
Satya Kashyap
Ice Cream 2
Tuesday, October 7, 2014 • Telugu Comments

The album has music by Satya Prakash, who gets into the skin to belch out what RGV wants.  There is a song which has sensuous music and there is another horror-like one with ice cream as the central character.

The short album has only three songs (excluding a remix) and all of them have standard RGV stamp on them.

Kiss Me

Lyricist: Sira Sri
Artist: Sunitha

The song has English lyrics and this could be a reason enough for many to say that the number is as revolutionary as RGV.  Never mind the crude lyrics.  Never mind the lack of any artistic touch in the music.  Sunitha's excellent vocal a sugar rush, while the soft instrumentation is the next big relief.  Ice cream is punned to sound 'I scream', something which you too might want to do in disgust.

Challa Challaga

Lyricist: SVV Ramanjaneyulu
Artists: Uma Neha, Akshara Parashar

The song is a mundane tribute to that thing called ice cream, not to be mistaken with anything that is inanimate.  It will be interesting to see whether RGV has really picturised it, as this one sounds like a fit one for being ghost music-directed as well as ghost directed by some apprentice.  Uma Neha and Akshara Parashar make us want to think of third-rate item songs as precursors of high-profile duds.

Ice Cream (Remix)

Artist: Sunitha

The remix is pointless because one hardly notices any difference between the original (saying 'original' would be a misnomer though).  The voyeurs can receive some succor by listening to a prosaic number for one last time in their life time.

Ice Cream 2 (Theme)

Lyricist: Sidhuveeru
Artist: Satya Kashyap

If the lyrics are poetic in themselves, the tone is a let down because it is the same RGV-mark tune for the zillionth time.  Siddhuveeru comes up with lyrics that present contrasting simile by equating ice cream with all the improbable things.  Satya Kashyap delivers an old tune but croons the song even more older.