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Ice Cream 2 Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, November 20, 2014 • Telugu ]
Ice Cream 2 Review
Bheemavaram Talkies
J.D.Chakravarthi, Naveena, Tanikella Bharani, Jeeva, Nandu, Bhoopal, Siddhu, Dhanraj, Shalini, Gayatri, Ram Guptha, Prabhakar, Binoji
Ram Gopal Varma
Tummalapalli Rama Satyanarayana
Satya Kashyap
Ice Cream 2

A reason why RGV still makes films is because there are many geniuses out there who take a sarcastic statement like this one as a serious compliment to him: RGV is he who can make a horror film with Dil Raju in the devil's role.  There is another reason why he bravely makes film after film despite audiences rejecting them outright: Every time, some of us compare his worst ever output with his latest film and appreciate him for things that have nothing to do with entertainment, if not cinema!  Is using a particular type of camera an end in itself, or is it a means to an end?  RGV aficionados must answer.  

Ice Cream-2 is on the lines of Arvind-2, which itself was inspired by the screenplay technique of some allegedly internationally-acclaimed director from Europe.  Building on this, RGV pens a lame script that can't be trusted to deliver anything, including an adequately elaborate climax.  See, while watching an RGV film you can't be sure of anything.  He may promise you a 99-minute film, but deliver a film that falls short 10 or 15 minutes of the promised run time.  

Nandoo, Naveena, Bhupal, Siddhu, Dhanraj are friends who want to make it big by making a film on their own.  The director-aspirant among them spots a desolate site at Dodapetta.  Despite being warned that nobody has ever returned alive from that purportedly haunted site, they enthusiastically go there.  Their journey starts with being scared from word go.  Mysterious sounds scare them, the director tells his friends, 'Raka rakala jantuvulu raka rakala sounds chestayi' and the friends are seemingly convinced.  Sometimes they grow prematurely frustrated and shout at one another in what may be dubbed as over-acting.  

They are pursued by Sikka ( JD Chakravarthy), a member of a gang of bank robbers led by Jeeva.  However, even these bunch of goons are in the dark about the mysterious being making ominous sounds.  

Hackneyed, cliched and unrealistic, Ice Cream-2 is a copycat film to the core.  One character ridiculing beliefs about the existence of paranormal beings, a vagabond-like character coming and warning them not to get into a haunted place.. elements like these are as old as RGV.  

Do all characters behave alike when they are scared?  Do all of them shiver alike, to the same degree and intensity, regardless of the sex?  When they find Dhanraj's brutally murdered body, all of them go towards it taking little, frightened steps.  None ever faints.  Even crying in dread comes reluctantly and that too to one character, very briefly.  They are scared of a man sleeping in the middle of the road and of the killer in equal proportion.  What a nice, intelligent screenplay!

The whole bunch of bank robbers have that expression on their faces which tell us they have no sense of purpose behind nabbing the team of friends.  Jeeva is seething in pain, holding a gun in his hands.  Meanwhile, Sikka goes about the area threatening whichever member of the crew he spots, develops a liking for Naveena - everything except the last one has any culmination or makes sense.  Otherwise, these bank robbers are there just to be killed one after one to add nuisance value to this pseudo-thriller movie.  

The BG score is inspired and the one item song that is there is absurdly visualized and shot.  

Verdict: A film that looks like a rehash of Arvind-2.  

Rating: 1/5

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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