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I See U Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, December 29, 2006 • Hindi ]
I See U Review
Chasing Ganesha Films
Arjun Rampal,Vipasha Agarwal Boman IraniChunky PandeySonali Kulkarni
Vivek Agrawal
Mehr Jessia-Rampal

This one's a different kinda ghost. For her body is still alive-n-breathing. The playful spirit has the `network' to `roam' around, sermonize, sing songs and also co-ordinate medical operations. And lots more.Arjun Rampal's debut production `I See You' is an indulgent exercise in cinematic liberties. One is ready for suspension-of-disbelief as long as the ride is worth it. But the problem in this tepid romance is that it's a way too-half-baked and childish. A talented actor like Arjun Rampal deserved better in an exercise that was supposedly meant to be a `comeback vehicle' for him.

First fifteen minutes are the best thing about this film. For, you get to see Raj Jaiswal (Arjun), a television anchor heading a show aptly titled `British Raj' incorrigibly flirting around with anyone-n-everyone belonging to the female species and singing the best song of the film `Subah Subah' (SRK and Hrithik blink-n-dream parts surely whet your appetite for more). Well, as he was getting ready for his date with pout-a-licious co-host Dilnaz (Sophie Chaudhry), he sees something on his terrace.

Obviously, his life changes..For he is the only one who can see the ghost of dusky beauty Shivani (Vipasha), a doctor who had been in coma since the last six months after an attempt-to-murder car accident. Raj desperately tries to get rid of the ghost but she is going no where, perching herself firmly even on his car top. Predictably, Raj falls for her innocent charm, melting eyes and the silver smile. They sing a couple of soft numbers and gyrate to a boogie-woogie number before Hindi-Film-Aficionado inspector John Smith (Michael Maloney) catches up with their reality. Raj's loutish friend Akshay (Chunkey Pandey) had to pay a ghostly price for his friendship too.

The story moves slowly to nowhere. And you are left with the suave moods of London city at its best to contend with. Cinematographer Ashok Mehta's camera captures the lovely hues-n-shades beautifully. Vishal-Shekhar's music score sounds better with visuals. `Subah Subah' and `Sach Hai' are delightful. Arjun Rampal, as expected looks a million dollars and his acting skills are impressive too. Debutante Vipasha is good news for the film industry to end the year with. She has the poise-n-charm and an enigmatic appeal to do better things in the future.

Now, after the good news comes the bad one. A good looking couple, breathtaking visuals, superstar cameos and catchy music is not everything that counts in making a movie watchable. There has to be a gripping story idea, a tight script and en engrossing screenplay. And the problem with `I See You' is that you don't find any of these attributes out here. Direction by Vivek Agarwal is patchy and clueless as to what exactly he is trying to do. Or say. And why the hell, the ghost can't have the liberty to wear anything else except that white number (she wears it throughout)?  

Michael Maloney's Inspector John Smith is amusing at times but his Sherlock Holmes mannerisms and over emphasis on Hindi films were irritating. `Kanoon ke hath bahut lambe hote hain..' Rather corny..Isn't it? Are the Brits so keen on Hindi films? I don't think so.Moreover, the rampant organ trafficking shown in the film is a joke considering the very strict medical ethics in UK. And what is Boman Irani, the psychiatrist doing in this invisible love story? Let it go man.Chunkey Pandey is unbearable for most parts and Sophie Chaudhry justifies her bimbo status once again. As for Kirron Kher..Maa'm why do you have to such wasteful roles when you can do so much more with your talent?

`I See You' is not the film that will re-estab

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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