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I, Me, aur Main Music Review

I, Me, aur Main Music Review
John AbrahamPrachi DesaiChitrangada Singh
Kapil Sharma
Shrishti Behl Arya, Goldie Behl
Saturday, February 23, 2013 • Hindi Comments

Director:Kapil Sharma
Music: Sachin-Jigar, Falak Kabir Gaurav Dasgupta, Raghav Sachar
Lyrics: Kumaar, Kauser Munir, Mayur Puri and Neelesh Mishra

After London, Paris, New York, Filmmakers Goldie Behl and Shrishti Arya have come out with another rom-com I Me aur Main starring John Abraham, Chitrangada Singh and Prachi Desai. The film directed by Kapil Sharma has got a mix of compositions from composers like Sachin-Jigar, Falak Shabir, Gourov Dasgupta and Raghav Sachar. A host of writers including Mayur Puri, Kausar Munir, Kumaar, Manthan and Prashant Ingole have contributed to the lyrics for this album.

Naa Jaane Kahaan Se

Lyrics: Kausar Munir
Singers: Neeraj Shridhar & Anushka Manchanda.

The album opens with the lively and energetic hit Chaalbaaz number Naa Jaane Kahaan Se which was picturised on Sridevi. The song has been recreated for this film with a lot of new sounds and new lyrics keeping in with the theme of the film. The song has been picturised on John Abraham and lead girls Chitrangada Singh and Prachi Desai. Neeraj Sridhar conveys John's flirtatious nature in film through the song very well. Anushka Manchanda adds to Neeraj's vocals with her sonorous voice. It's a fun dance number with peppy sounds and lot of funk and rock. Sachin and Jigar's track manages to pep up the mood and keep you engaged. The promo's of the song are already a hit.


Lyrics: Kumaar
Singers: Falak Shabir

Second in the album is Saajna by Pakistan singer-composer, Falak Shabir. This one is a song of love and pathos. A sad number with eloquent lyrics. A love ballad with a lot of guitar riff raffs. A Falak Sahbir emotive vocal delivers the love ballad beautifully conveying the hero's pathos to the audience with a lot of emotion.

The Unplugged version is far better and Shabir showcases his poignant vocals with a slow tempo. He lets the listener savour the experience of yearning for a love that you've lost

Capuchino "I Me Aur Main"Listen here

Lyrics: Neelesh Mishra
Singers: Abhishek Nehwal

The album is followed by Capuchino-I Me Aur Main is the title track which describes the hero completely. Upcoming singer Abhishek Nehwal sings this peppy and foot tapping number. The song has dollops of similarity to the Dropkick Murphey's I'm Shipping off To Boston from The Departed. However Abhishek's voice sounds too soft for the number. He could have infused more energy levels into the song as it is a fun and catchy number.


Lyrics: Mayur Puri
Singers: Monali Thakur

Next is Darbadar rendered by Monali Thakur. This Sufi number opens with the ektara followed by the piano. As the song proceeds it is given an energetic qawaali beat with table and sitar taking over. Monali Thakur surprises you with her rendition as she has toned down her voice to suit the song. Mayur Puri's lyrics are very soulful.

Meri Jaaniye

Lyrics: Manthan
Singers: Monali Thakur & Shaan

Meri Jaaniye comes next with a romantic mood as love is in the air. Lyrics by Manthan speak of everlasting love Gaurav Dasgupta's music pleasant interspersed by western arrangements and lovely chorals add to it. Monali and Shaan are perfect in their rendition and create that breezy effect which is an apt Valentines number.

Nasha Nasha

Lyrics: Prashant Ingole
Singers: Neha Bhaseen

The last track in the album Nasha Nasha sung by Neha Bhaseen has a Touch me Touch me feel featured in Daddy Cool few years back. Prashant Ingole's perfect funky club number has a lot of drums and guitar beats to it. Neha Bhasin is good but the song is just another club number which you have heard often. Raghav Sachar could have done away with this number from the album as it doesn't add much to it.

Overall: I, Me Aur Main is a jargon of good and bad numbers. Na Jaane Kahan Se, Capuchino and Darbadar will have repeat value and blend in with the story of the film. The album is an amalgamation of our good talents who have come together to create a good album but they have not been fully utilized. When Sachin Jigar, Falak Shabir, Raghav Sachar and Gaurav Dasgupta come together naturally expectations run high.