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Hello. Premistaraa Music Review

Hello. Premistaraa Music Review
Vaishno Academy
Sairam Shankar, Sheela
Puri Jagannath
A right mix of mass, folk, melody tunes
IndiaGlitz [Thursday, September 6, 2007 • తెలుగు] Comments

'Hello Premistara' directed by Rajkumar, presented by Dil Raju and produced by Puri Jagannath on the banner of Vaishno Academy, with Sairam Shankar and Sheela in the lead is all set for release on September 14. Sairam Shankar, brother of Puri Jagannath, made his debut with '1-4-3' but the film failed to make it to Box Office. Though he acted in a couple of films, none of them could give him a break. So, he had decided to come with flying colours in this youthful film with love in its backdrop. Chakri, who climbed to the top position, with good musical hits to his credit scored music for the movie. One of the song is a melody and another is a routine commercial tune but three others have a mass beat. Kandikonda scripted all the lyrics and infused all kinds of masala elements besides maintaining literary values. The audio got a positive response from all classes of audiences.

Ninna Monna.

Singer : Chakri
Lyricist : Kandikonda

This is a youthful song. Chakri's voice suits at its best for this kind of songs. The novel humming after each stanza gives the audiences a husky feel. The saxophone and guitar sounds coupled with drumbeat after the first verse and also the humming in the backdrop gave a good feel. Even as the song was tuned in a youthful way, the literary values in the song were also high and Kandikonda had infused good theme in the song. Bass guitar's song after the second verse boosted the image. Chakri is known for making best use of keyboard. The interludes with electronic guitar sounds are also worth listening.

Yennadoo Leni

Singer : Venu, Kousalya
Lyricist : Kandikonda

Though the song starts with guitar string bits coupled with drumbeat, the duet was tuned as a melody. Repeat hearing of the song help the audience notice that Kousalya gave a good humming all through the song. Moreover, the music bits that were created with the help of key board elevated the melody in the song. Especially, the regular listeners could find that the song was tuned in typically Chakri style. The fantastic tunes after the first stanza is worth listening. Kandikonda scripted this song again with good literary values.

Nee Peru Vintene

Singer : Ravivarma, Madhuri
Lyricist : Kandikonda

This number in the album was tuned in a mass beat with a folk touch. However, these kinds of songs are common for films with commercial values because the music gives a lot of scope for the artistes to show their dancing skills. Keyboard and drums would be enough to tune this kind of songs and there will be a very little chance to use other instruments. After the first stanza, Chakri chose use folk drums (dappu) and special drum (takora) to change the tune for a while to help change in dancing style. He reverted back to the original tune after a few seconds.

Lifante Travel

Singer : Chakri
Lyricist : Kandikonda

This song reminds us a tune in 'Sivaji' (Oka Bandi Sunlight) in the beginning. However, Chakri changed to his own style in music and also while rendering the song. Guitar, drums and keyboard were used extensively in tuning the song. Again Kandikonda scripted the song in an excellent way. Use of words like 'AC Medaina, Puri Gudisaina, Skoda caraina, Rickshaw bandaina.' infuses good meaning in the song. In the second stanza also Kandikonda used 'Five star Food Aina, Paani Puraina, I-Max hall aina, Touring Bommaina.' also proved that the song has good literary values throwing the criticism to the winds that the literary values are falling in Telugu film songs.