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Heart Beats Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, August 4, 2007 • Malayalam ]
Heart Beats Review
Tri-Star Films
Indrajith, Simran, Anoop Chandran, Manikkuttan, Biju Menon, Govindan Kutty, Arun, Charu Haasan, Jagathy Sreekumar, Cochin Haneefa
Vinoo Anand
Jolly Joseph
George Peter

Watching Heart Beats on the first day did make you realize why the movies with younger stars don't invite masses.

The makers seemed to forget that, when dealing with younger stars the basic pillar of success of a movie definitely is a worthy plot and gripping sequences.

But the movie which is made with a not so inspiring plot doesn't invite interest except for very few scenes and as it draws to the climax, you are ready to run for the exit.

The film opens in a flash back mode, when Dr Benoy John Idikkula opens his story to Basheer Ahamed, an officer who arrives to investigate upon the suicide attempt of Dr. Haritha, who studied with Benoy at the medical college. The movie is set against the backdrop of the strikes for reservations and low fees structure that is continuing in self financing medical colleges.

Rather topical, except for that strikes, the film follows Benoy John and his gang who are happy go lucky, spoilt and daredevil youngsters of rich parents who owns seventy percent share of the college in which they are studying. They create all type of problems to the students and the principal, who can't raise a finger against them due to their influential parents.

The gang also has got a plenty of rivals in the college including Haritha and Hari, the first year students .One they even try to physically manhandle Haritha , but she escaped with little  causalities. To avoid bigger problems the gang is sent to a divine convention centre by Idikkula's uncle, where they meet Thankam George a mysterious and beautiful lady. Idikkula instantly falls for her, but she avoids him in grace.

And in the course of studies, the govt alters the fee structure of medical students and a lot of students including Hari are forced to quit the studies. But Idikkula and gang bring him back for a favor that Hari had done, which helped them escape a big issue. The arrival of Hari into the gang changes the outlook of the gang, who had never experienced the true nuances of love and family life before.

And in the following incidents, the film moves into a different track where the gang happens to help Thankom escape from a group of hooligans who are following her. They are moved by her tragic tale and ensure her safe passage to Bombay via train. The gang thereafter meets Thankam at varied places. At each instances Thankom tells a different story to Idikkula and gang who makes her more mysterious to the group. The film and director loses grip over the plot and the narration goes haywire, hereafter. Things become confusing and make the viewer restless and uneasy.

The story by the producer Jolly Joseph is like a khichdi, with a little bit of everything in it. As a result, each of the subplots is not developed and fails to satisfy. The characters are half-baked and look silly. There are many unexplained angles in the film. In his attempt to explore a wider story which has many subplots, the director does not seem to have known what to focus on. The main problem with Heart Beats is that director Vinoo Anand has no control over the narration of his own story, which happens to be utterly nonsensical at some points.

The surprise package of the film, Simran as Thankom George don't deliver anything exceptional rather than usual. Indrajith looks comfortable as Boney John Idikkula and eases through the role. He also looks tentative throughout the film, while his friends in Shyam, Anoop Chandran and Manikandan are tolerable and loud. The pathetic sequences are many in which they try to break in chuckles with little success. Popular compere Govindankutty who debuts as Hari fails to bring in the sympathy that the character is expected to make among the audience.

The technical sides of the film are better. Jibu Jacob once ag

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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